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“Kishan Raval’s new hit “Ladali” out now on YouTube!”



Gujarati Versatile  Singer Kishan Raval  Always Gives Something  New To The Audience. His Latest Hit, “Megh Verse, “Was loved By Millions And Became the Rain Anthem Of The Year, And He Is Known For His Heart touching Voice, And Now He Came up with the Song “Ladali “ In This wedding Season “lad” Song Will Touch Your Heart This Song Panned By Manoj Prajapati Mann And Music Given By Shankar Prajapati And Recorded At Rhythm Recording Studio Will Releasing Soon In his Official Youtube Channel. 

Fans Keep Waiting For  The Songs Of Kishan Raval, And “Ladali” Will Create A Special Place In People’s Hearts 

 He does credit Fans for the massive push it gave him to begin his career but also points out the importance of consistency in putting out one’s music outside of it, especially when someone discovers your work within and wants to know more. “People will want to find out who the singer is, so they’ll say, ”˜Let’s go to YouTube’,” he explains, adding that they’ll need to find something solid once they get there for an artist to make a lasting impression. “That’s how they find out, ”˜Oh he does his music too’.”

Raval is dynamic and forward-thinking as an artist and is fierce in his determination to make a positive change in the world through his music. Much like he balances Shows and the digital space, he seeks to create art that can create a balance between his urban fans and those who are more traditional. It’s a very millennial approach to an age-old industry and a fascinating journey to map.

His First album Was Tame Avsho ke nai, and it was A big break for him. People started liking him after this song. He added

Many Albums are Coming Soon, And they Keep entertaining You By His Lovely Voice, So Stay Tuned For More Updates. 

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