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Kumar Satyam is one of the most renowned professionals in the music industry.



Kumar Satyamm, one of the most renowned professionals in the entertainment and music industry is a marvelous singer and harmonium player specialised in Sufi, Bhajan, Gazal and Semi-classical. 13th generation in music, son and grandson of eminent singers of Bihar and Jharkhand Late Pt. Lalan Jee Maharaj and Late Pt. Ramashish Maharaj. Gold medalist with Sangeet Bhaskar 2012 for Singing and Youth festival for Harmonium Playing.

Wonderfully performed for 2000 plus events all over India including reputed events for AgriPlast (Bangalore), Phoenix Market City (Bangalore), Bihar Mahotsav 2010, frequent in Mandar Mahotsavs, etc.

Also performed with various other legendary as well as contemporary artists like Pankaj Udhas, Anup Jalota, Suresh Wadkar, Richa Sharma, Papon, etc.

Kumar Satyamm is known for his incredible expertise at instantly establishing a surreal emotional connect with the audience while also staying in congruence with the purpose and tone of voice of the client and the occasion.

For most of his clientele, Kumar Satyamm has extremely and undeniably shared reliable partnership of sorts through all the years, heedfully sharpening his perception and flair to improve excellently and effectivity with every event.

Kumar Satyamm is also a well known artist on YouTube with a variety of videos for his 5 lakh 62 thousand and ever increasing fan base.

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