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Leheriya – One Stop Solution for Pure & Rich Indian Fabrics at Affordable Rates



An online store named Leheriya having a website sells Indian Women’s Ethnic Wear like Salwar Suits and Dupattas. With the one and only platform – Leheriya, pure and rich Indian fabrics have become more affordable. There is hardly any Physical Store or an Online Store in this segment where you can obtain all kinds of Pure Indian Fabrics at 100% Authenticity Guarantee. 

With these amazing fabrics that come directly from weavers, Leheriya is offering pure fabrics and dupattas online at extremely low margins, so that everyone can experience the rich culture of India.

Have you purchased a popular DIY tie-dye kit or apparel? Most of us were unaware of it until it began to trend. The tie dye process did not appear in a social media user’s thoughts one day and then become famous overnight. For millennia, the practice of tiring and dyeing clothes has been used in India. Leheriya, also known as Leheria, is a traditional tie and dye method done in Rajasthan. To create the complicated wave pattern, the fabric (typically cotton or silk) is rolled diagonally and then knotted at the needed intervals before dying. During the final step of preparation, natural colors are used, as well as several washes. As a consequence, you get a vividly colored cloth with a unique wave pattern. Leheriya Dupattas, Leheriya Suits, and Leheriya Sarees are traditional Rajasthani attires used on various occasions.

Leheriya had been operating locally in Delhi for about a decade. Leheriya’s Founder enjoys travelling and discovering new things in her surroundings. During her excursions to several Indian places with her knowledge of ethnic wear, she noticed a significant difference in the styles and fashion prevalent in other towns and cities compared to Delhi. And perhaps it is for this reason that girls and women from other cities fly all the way to Delhi to buy trendy designer clothes at reasonable prices. She also observed that while there are millions of internet sites offering Sarees, very few were keeping up with the growing popularity of Unstitched Salwar Suits and Dupattas. 

The And that is how’s foundation was laid down with the motto – “Making Luxury Affordable”. Coming Directly from Weavers, a wide range of fabrics are available at Leheriya, including Banarasi Suits and Dupattas from Banaras, Lucknowi from Lucknow, Bandhani from Rajasthan and Gujarat, South Cotton from Mangalgiri, and others. You can buy all of our products at reasonable prices and receive them at your door at the same time. For this reason only within a few months of its inception placed itself in the top 1% of e-Commerce stores launched in the same week.

In this segment, with many repeat buyers has consistently demonstrated its trustworthiness. hopes to reach out to more and more weavers and artisans in the future in order to help them to sell at good margins by reaching out directly to customers. And, Leheriya also aims to provide Pure and Rich Indian Fabrics to our Present and Future generations at affordable rates so that everyone can embrace the Indian Culture and Traditions.


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