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#Li Ching Yuen secrets of longevity



Li Ching Yuen secrets of longevity

Here are Li Ching Yuen secrets of longevity who lived for 256 years!

4th August 1997 was indeed a sad day for France. That was the unfortunate day when France lost the oldest citizen of the country – Jeanne Calment. But Jeanne Calment was no ordinary lady. Infact she was the longest surviving human being to be independently verified with the help of available documentary evidence! Jeanne Calment was 122 years and 164 days when she finally left for her heavenly abode.

But do you know that there is one more person who is said to have enjoyed a lifespan of more than double what Jeanne Calment lived?

That is Master Li Ching Yeun from China for you. Legend has it that Master Yeun or Yun lived for, hold your breath, 256 years! Born in 1677 in the Sichuan province in South-West China, Master Yeun was known as a martial artist, tactical advisor and a renowned Chinese herbalist who has left such a legacy of longevity that it might be difficult for any human being to surpass, atleast in the foreseeable future!

Here is all about Li Ching Yeun’s secret of longevity and his life’s achievements.

The early years

Legend has it that Master Li Ching Yeun was born in the year 1677 in the Sichuan province of China. Born in a family of farmers, by the time he was 13, Master Yeun had started gathering herbs from the mountains nearby along with three elders. He continued to be a herb gatherer till he turned 100. Thereafter he started selling the herbs.

The youth

By age 51, Master Yeun had become an expert herbalist and also served as a tactical advisor to General Yue Zhongqi assisting him with the topography of the region. But the real breakthrough came when Master Yeun reached the age of 130 years. According to Master Da Liu, one of Master Yeun’s disciples, during one of his mountain sojourns, Master Yeun met a hermit who was aged 500 years. This hermit is said to have taught Master Yeun Baguazhang (one of the three prominent Chinese Martial arts), certain breathing instructions, sound coordinated body movements and diet secrets.

Since that day, Master Yeun seems to have followed the hermit’s advice to the “T” thus achieving such phenomenal longevity.


By the beginning of the 20th century, word had spread around China about Master Yeun’s longevity. In 1927, General Yang Sen invited Master Yeun to Wanxian. It was during this visit that the first known photographs of Master Yeun were taken. When this news reached Commander Chiang Kai-shek (General Sen’s senior), he invited the Master to Beijing (then Nanking). But unfortunately, when General Sen’s convoy arrived in Chenjiachang where Master Yeun lived, they were told that the Master was no more. This was the year 1927 which puts Master Yeun’s lifespan to be of 256 years!

Li Chin Yeun’s secret of Longevity

In 1933, Time magazine covered this incident in an article and revealed Li Chin Yeun’s secret of Longevity in simple words – “Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.” 

It is said that Master Yeun could sit in a particular pose for hours together without moving any body part and maintaining his breathing in a particular rhythm. Li Chin Yeun’s secret of Longevity also included total abstinence from alcohol and tobacco besides being a stickler when it came to his bedtime and waking up times.

The Controversy

While Chinese media and the state are adamant that Master Yeun indeed survived for a long 256 years, the western world and Gerontologists in particular are sceptical of this claim. While there are documents that prove that Master Yeun was congratulated on his 150th and 200th birthday, Gerontologists believe that it is scientifically impossible for any human being to live for so long.

Legend has it that Master Yeun famously said on his deathbed “I have done all the things I have to do in this world.” He was survived by 23 wives and over 200 children!

Now, while the gerontologist and the scientific community struggle to find Master Yeun’s exact age, let us try and imbibe atleast some of Li Chin Yeun’s secrets of longevity in our life. It might just help us lead a healthier life if not a long one! 


Legend has it that a Chinese man survived for 256 years. Here are Li Ching Yeun’s secrets of longevity and also some associated interesting facts of his life curated for you.  

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