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Livinnovate: India’s Top Incubation Service Provider.



Abhishek Nair and Siddharth Singh Rajvanshi are one of the young Entrepreneurs in India who are proving that age doesn’t matter if you are into Entrepreneurship. The young boys are the founders of a Digital Startup Incubation Provider known as “ Livinnovate “.

From the initial days of their education, they were highly inspired by startup founders. Later in their career, they chose the path of entrepreneurship and started their first venture known as the “Technician Brothers“. Which was the IT services provider agency, which served several services to 100+ IT-based companies.

They were providing their services at the time of quarantine when the digital media was in boom. Abhishek and Siddharth identified that this is going to be the next ever time to enter digital media. Which turned out to be a successful startup to bring IT services to businesses and companies.

Later on, they realized that they can bring something more to this industry and initiated their new startup “ Livinnovate “, which is now registered as Livinnocare Private Limited. Livinnovate provides all types of facilities to build a startup from scratch. 

Livinnovate is a startup and incubation cell provider. In which they nurture the students to build their startup to bring it into a revenue model. Initially, they conducted several webinars on startups, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. Later on, they introduced their learning management platform to provide their courses. From scratch, they built their team, studio, website, and application, and completed all other required details to bring the idea to market.

Then Livinnovate started to collaborate with companies to provide services to these startups. As of now, they have collaborated with more than 20 MNCs and 100+ startups (Approximately).

As the startup began to grow the collaborated with several educational institutions to provide these services to their students. As they already knew what the issues were that a student is going to face in this journey. This is where they get into this revolution to build startups and a community where each and everyone is supporting their competitor too. 

As Abhishek says “There should be collaboration instead of competition”. It’s just about having the spirit of curiosity to try something extraordinary to make a difference and this has been proven by Abhishek and Siddharth. From having zero knowledge of how startups work, legalities, marketing, sales, funding, and operations they and their team built this startup. As of now, they are connected to several Advisers along with this they are also an adviser of startups. Their mission and vision define that we should empower ourselves first to bring change into this world.

Now Livinnovate is having its own incubation cell with all the requirements to build a startup or business from scratch. Whether it is Hardware based or Software based they can get it into a revenue model. Which clearly states that this is going to be the era for startups.

Livinnovate is now available at several colleges and schools to provide their Startup Incubation Services. Which includes services like completing legalities, building revenue models, development, funding, investor meetups, providing clients and connections, internships, job opportunities, startup meetups, providing advisory panels, hackathons, ideations, workshops, seminars, and webinars.

Abhishek and Siddharth are now connected to several startups as an adviser. They clearly state that to build a startup we only need three things: perseverance, discipline in thoughts & sincerity.

They and their team are working to build this culture of startups so that the things that they faced in their initial stage will not be now faced by any other student.

Livinnovate which means ” We Live For Innovation “. This clearly states that the innovation is yet to come but they are on their way to building this into a revolution. Livinnovate appreciates youngsters who want to make a difference in society by empowering them.

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