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“Lokesh Kumar Narayana inspires hundreds to reach their potential”



Lokesh Kumar Narayana-Blogs have changed how people read, they have become habits and more interestingly it has become passion turned occupation. The blogs include stories, revolutions, awareness and everything else that in the 21st century happens. With the access to smartphones and internet, the strength of bloggers (and writers) has increased and so has the strength of audience (or readers) in recent years.

With a lot of bloggers and authors there is one name that has made through a lot of things. He has written about unique things and continues to do so. He has been awarded with various awards for his works and efforts in the industry. Lokesh Kumar Narayana is the name that has pulled out hundreds of readers as a blogger and as a writer.

It has been an easy task for people to read but the technique that he uses and his way are different. Besides a blogger, he is an author, a people manager, mentor and guide. As he entered the field 14 years ago, he has learnt and gained a lot. He says, “In my years in this industry there are a lot of things I have learnt and even today I learn every day. If I go back to the day when I started out, I’d say I had to learn a lot but it was only because I took the initiative, I have become who I am today.” Lokesh is a CET Computer Science Engineering student who had his marksheet halted and then confiscated due to the non-payment of the college fees; this is a story of 2006 and in just 6 years he has come a long way from dropping out building and guiding people in their life.

Lokesh writes a lot about Industry and the Industrial Revolution. He has written about the revolution of how the industry has evolved and what is the future of the industry. He has also published a book on his name, titled, The Odyssey of Industrial Revolution – The Dusk. 

One who reads his blogs can find them fascinating and realize how deeply researched, reliable and factually correct they are. Beside writing he is also a mentor to people who are looking to have a bright future that is bright. With all the in-hand experience he holds he has done wonders to others life and in his life, as well. He has also established Lokesh LKN, an online media company that specializes in Blog and Podcasts. Since its establishment he has come a long way and built a company that is reliable, trustworthy and solid. The insights, help and mentorship that Lokesh and LKN Inc. provides is unparalleled. Let us have a look at what the clients have to say about LKN and its services.


As told earlier he had his marksheet confiscated. It became very difficult for him to acquire or get a job and this not only hampered his financial growth but mental, psychological and physical state of wellbeing as well. Hailing from a middle-class family, LKN would not have achieved these milestones in life if he had not dreamt of them and had not given a shot to it. With ocean of knowledge, he is one of the most knowledgeable men in the industry not just in industry but on IT has well such as Modules like CSM, ITSM, ITOM, SPM, FINOPS, APM, Business Processes, Profit and Loss Management and the list goes on and on. 

There is no page left unturned by Lokesh and he is worth a read.

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