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“Long term hotel leases are the future of India’s hospitality industry.” – Dr. Kishor Navandar, Chairman and Managing Director, Blue Billion Group



Dr. Kishor Navandar’s vision and innovations contribute to the unique ideas and capabilities of his business, from hospitality and real estate to adventure sports, energy, media and soft drinks.

He was recently felicitated

  • Asia’s Best Innovative Entrepreneur Award, supported by RULA Awards ASIA Award
  • Certificate for Outstanding Contribution to Hospitality through the World Leadership Conclave jointly organized by the Global Triumph Foundation and Image Planet, MSME, Government. Of India.
  • Asian Achievers Award in Dubai for Outstanding Performance in Real Estate and Hospitality in India.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Achievers Award for Outstanding Performance in Presenting the Future of Real Estate in India.

Dr. Kishor Navandar has been named by Forbes India as one of the top 50 visionaries in India 2021 and has recently been shortlisted for the Fortune India 500 list for 2021.

Regarding the recent transition to the hospitality industry due to the Covid 19 epidemic, Dr. Navandar says, “Long-term leases for hotels have existed since the mid-1900s. The new popularity of leases in this economic cycle is due to the fact that they will make a lot of commercial sense for both developers and long-term owners.

“From a developer’s point of view, signing a lease agreement is a relatively simple process (compared to a negotiated management contract) and, due to the low risk associated with the operating business, provides a steady pool of forward-funding buyers.”

Dr. Navandar explains: “Long-term lease agreements create the same legal viable exit solution for both the property owner and the existing hotel lease contractor which helps them to free up capital, as real estate investors across India always go for long term, secure returns. Funds can be used to match liabilities with inflation-related leases.

His vision is to develop and buy existing hotel and resort properties on rent, exceeding the expectations of tourists who adapt to the Indian tourism experience. “Long lease contracts are a win-win proposal for all parties, restructuring and redesigning the post-epidemic tourism industry, creating customer happiness for travelers and giving new energy to tourism.”

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