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“Lord Sarvanaath- Allah; Lord Sarahunaath- Universe Kingdom”



Riots have started in every religion in Kali Yuga for this reason.  Some have argued that Lord Shiva is not Allah.  Christians believe that Jesus is the true God.  The god of Hinduism is Satan, all the gods in Hinduism are man-made gods.  Similarly, Muslims ignore the fact that Allah is the true God, the God of Hinduism or Shiva is not Allah.  For this, the people of Hinduism remain silent without arguing against him.  Thus the population in Hinduism is decreasing.  People from holy Hinduism are converting to Christianity, Buddhism and Muslims.  Param Prabhu Sarahunaath clearly knew that all this was probably Kalia tragedy.

 Be that as it may, when Param Prabhu Sarahunaath is in the Math, he is asking and solving the problems of the people who come to him without discrimination of caste and religion.  When the devotees visited Sarahunaath in Matha or other temples, he would give advice according to their religion as to which religion he belonged to.  He was solving.  That means mostly Hindus and Muslims used to come to him.  If Muslims came they would say “Allahu Sarahunaath Shubham Allah Masha Allah Sarahunaath” according to their religion.  Muslims have always followed it as the Word of God.  If the Jains came, Sarahunaath would advise them according to their religion, “Jainam Bhavati Sarahunaath Sashanam”.  Jains have always observed it.  If Christians came, Sarahunaath would advise them according to their religion, “Most Holy Sarahunaath, Merciful Amen”.  Christians followed it without fail.  Mostly Muslims used to come to Sarhunath.  So Muslims used to call Sarahunaath as “Allah”.

Param Prabhu was not comparing Jesus to Sarahunaath.  Because Jesus did not have the power of Param Prabhu Sarahunaath.  But Jesus is the holy god of Hinduism to Saint Sai Baba.  Because Jesus was also a saint like Sai Baba.

But Param Prabhu Sarahunaath was not a saint.  He was divine.  Allah was  Sarahunaath said to the people of all religions, “I am the amalgamation of all religions. I live in all religions. So call me as Sarvanath. Sarva means everything. Call me Sarvanath or Sarahunaath because I live everywhere. Look at my name and you can’t even tell which religion it is. Because Sarahunaath  Everything is included in the name.

Parama Sarahunaath lived in the holy Hindu religion at birth, in the holy Christian religion after birth, as a Muslim in his childhood and then as a Buddhist for six months, then lived in other religions for six years and finally lived in the holy Signiesm religion.  Since the holy Signiesm religion is a union of all religions, if Param Prabhu Sarahunaath takes refuge in him, all the religions of the world will be worshipped.

If there is no conspiracy against another religion in any religion, it means that such religion is also faithfully serving God.  Or if any religion deceives people of other religions and draws them to its religion, it means that there is no faith and loyalty in that religion.  And it means that the real God does not reside in that religion.

Mostly in Christianity, since they are arguing that their religion is the best and their Jesus is the true God, here any god is looking at the god of other religion and religious practices with envy, because Jesus is the reason for this, he will remain outside Himagiri constitution and God’s world.  He cannot be a true God.

Similarly, in the Muslim religion and some other religions, if they argue that their religion is the best and the practices of the religion are correct, then it definitely means that there is no true God.  Even Devaloka does not agree with that.  So the Supreme Lord Sarahunaath is only Allah and the Supreme Soul of the world.

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