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Shiv Ratri is an occasion for cultural and social celebrations. Various cultural programs are held to celebrate this festival, including music, dance performances, and painting. Sticking and getting inspired by the cultural aspect and wholehearted devotion to Lord Shiva and considering some of his traits in my worldly affairs, I, Vinisha Ruparel, have devoted my life to Realistic Artwork and incarnating my art on pebbles. I am the founder of Vinnie’s Art World and a self-taught artist. Since childhood, I have gathered profound influence and interest in Arts & Crafts. I have artistic acumen that specialises primarily in realistic artwork. The festival reminds the importance and has a self-reflection of leading a life guided by principles of love, compassion, spiritual growth, and service to humanity.

I have represented my artwork on various platforms and gathered numerous acknowledgements at every juncture. Human figures and realistic animal drawings have continuously fueled my imagination. My love for art led me to create multiple projects. Being the first Indian artist who created 70 different types of animals, birds, and insects on Pebbles (4-5 inches) realistic miniature. This achievement has made me a record holder in India’s book of records in 2020 and Asia’s book of records in 2021. 

Shiv Ratri holds an extraordinary place in my heart. The cosmic dance of Lord Shiva, his creation, preservation, and destruction, has inspired me to succeed.  As a standalone artist, my devotion to Lord Shiva has led me to create realistic artwork on pebbles, bringing my creative visions to life using acrylic. I’m pursuing numerous projects with the world. It allows me to get natural and innovative concepts to life. My artwork is a testament to my creativity and talent across Asia. For me, Shiv Ratri is a time of introspection, creativity, and spiritual growth. The festival allows me to connect with my inner self and find inspiration for artwork. It provides a platform to share artwork with the world and inspire others to pursue their passion for art. Shiv Ratri is a festival deeply rooted in India’s cultural and spiritual traditions. It celebrates the divine qualities of Lord Shiva, including his power, grace, and wisdom. It is an opportunity to reflect on these divine qualities and channel them into her artwork.

Lord Shiva is the incarnation of dance, preservation, and destruction. Shiv Ratri is not just a religious festival but an emotion. It helps me and will help you to connect with the subconscious and find expressiveness in your artwork. My passion for art is evident in my dedication to creating realistic artwork and inspiring others to pursue their passion for art. As an art teacher, I encourage the next generation of artists to pursue their passion and make their mark in the art world. The festival of Shiv Ratri is an occasion that provides a platform for artists like me to showcase their talent and inspire others. The festival inspires me to reflect on the divine qualities of Lord Shiva and channel them into my artwork. It reminds me of the importance of leading a life guided by principles of love, compassion, and service to humanity.


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