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LTA School of Beauty Impacts Future with Creativity & Opportunity



A Unique beauty academy that promises from an admission to an appointment to all aspiring students.  In today’s world when the youth look for creative satisfaction in the job and no longer inclined for traditional courses, the chances are that they may not find a steady career progression.

Now, the dilemma for most of the parents would be how to balance their creative aspirations while at the same time ensure that they have a regular income source coming to them.

This is where the unique academy which is LTA School of beauty plays a pivotal role of skilling the Youth in the field of creative sector. Like the fast-emerging world of cosmetology, Hair styling, Makeup artistry, Nail artistry which is the huge craze in today’s world.

As more and more people want to look presentable and fashionable, especially, in the world of Instagram and social media where image and profile raises self-esteem. This beauty industry is bound to grow and this is where the youth is attracted to, to learn how to do Nail Artistry, learn how to do the latest Hair Styling, to learn how to do a Professional Makeup. Today’s youth are highly attracted to the creative field.

The dilemma for the parent is to, while allowing their children to pursue this creative satisfaction, what is the guarantee that this would find them a job, a regular income. This where this unique academy scores over any other institution.

Formed in 2005, the academy has established itself as a leader in the field of skilling. Candidates trained by LTA School of Beauty have got placed overseas with ease and also have won various medals and medallions at the national and international stage in competitions such as World Skill Competition which is considered to be the Olympics of Skills.

LTA School of beauty gives a written assurance to all aspiring candidates that LTA takes the responsibility of giving them a job appointment after they successfully complete the career course.

This unmatched proposition of giving the best of the knowledge and best of jobs that too with a guarantee. This is something which any aspiring career professional in the field of cosmetology, beauty therapy, hair dressing, would definitely cherish.

It also gives tremendous peace of mind to the parents, so what is further unique about it. LTA offers scholarships to the deserving candidates. So the best time to enter into the field of creative world and seek career in the creative industry is now. And it is the best academy to join in the creative field to learn this creative is LTA School of beauty.

LTA School of beauty has a credential of being associated with world’s best qualification awarding body like CIDESECO from Switzerland and VTCT from UK and has got a knowledge partnership alliance with Pivot Point LAB from USA. So, go grab it! Make the most of the opportunity available and make the most out of your life.

* For Free Trial Session, connect 9930313131

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