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Lybley connecting home appliance brands and service Center’s pan India



LYBLEY is helping small and medium size home appliances manufacture | Oem | brand by providing end-to-end after-sale service solutions with 2000 service franchises and 4000 technician networks pan India

LYBLEY is a Noida-based startup for providing end-to-end after-sales service to the small and mid-size brands in India, brings you the quickest and most convenient way to give after-sales service on your brand just in 3 steps!

Ready- Sign UP 

Steady- Add serviceable Product

Go- Recharge your Wallet 

Lybley is Service based Platform for Consumer Durables brand and their service center where we are connecting brands and OEMs with 2000 service centers & aim to be 6000 Service centers by December 22 with spares part fulfilment center support Pan India.

After-sales service is a headache for every brand, in today’s competitive market all brands trying to make their customer happy with good after-sales service, so we bring LYBLEY a complete after-sales salutation for your brand to make your customer happy! Lybley team is working hard to give the best service experience to your Customers so with Lybley focus on sales we take care of service like picking the customer and taking feedback after service

Our Services

LYBLEY currently offers the following services-

A Brand can register a complaint of their customer our automated system can handle it with no will inform about call closure with In TAT 90 % (service delivery )

A Brand can buy CRM to enhance after-sales service its design for spicily home appliance industry with spares parts management system.    

Call Center Service- Give a remembering experience to your customer with our well-experienced CCE Team. 

Why you should choose LYBLEY?

Finding reliable and expert technician or service was never so easy from the mid-range brand due to lake call volume, because All Service Center is focusing his volume call giving brand but with we have verified and experienced 2000 service partner and 4000 technician is onboarded and lybley a web and app-based online platform where see all your Live calls, pending call closed call spares status customer Feedback.

We have built lybley spicily for B2B home appliance brand to give assume after-sales service.

Our strategy to compete in the market –  

As of now, we service non 

Who are the founders?

Lybley is founded by Mr Lalit Chauhan & who has rich experience in the home appliances Industry.

He started his career by selling winding wire to motor and ceiling fan manufacturers in India.

And he wants to start his B2B e-commerce Business dedicatedly in the Home appliances category while meeting up with brands gets to know selling product is not a big deal but provides after-sales service pain points for every brand. 

So he decided to solve this problem. 

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