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Making cancer warriors



Our society is now seriously endangered by cancer. We, our friends, families, and the people we 

care about all experience. The problem is still deeply ingrained in society, and surgical 

Oncologists are trying extremely hard to combat it. They are raising awareness, organising 

campaigns, and supporting people who have previously been diagnosed but are still having 


An internationally renowned oncosurgeon from Kerala, India, is Dr. Jojo V. Joseph. He has more 

than 20 years of expertise performing surgeries for cancer. He graduated from M.P. Shah 

Medical College Jamnagar with a Master of Science in General Surgery. In addition, he earned his 

MCh in oncosurgery from the Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute at the B.J. Medical College 

in Ahmedabad in 1999. 

He is currently employed as a Senior Consultant at the Indira Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital in 

Kochi and the Caritas Cancer Institute in Kottayam. He is one of the most well-known surgical 

oncologists in existence today. At Apollo Hospital, he had previously held the position of Senior 

Consultant. He is currently regarded as one of Kerala’s top oncologists.

Every doctor strives to treat patients’ ills and diseases, and Dr. Jojo is no exception, but he 

approaches cancer from a wider perspective. While some people believe that cancer cannot 

allow you to live happily or cannot be healed, the doctor believes that his job is to help patients 

maintain their optimism and optimism. In order to retain the quality of their lives, he assists them 

in leading healthy lifestyles. With more than 20 years of experience and more than 16,000 

operations under his belt, he has performed his duties as required but does not want to stop. He 

would rather continue to assist people, find professional fulfilment, and make advancements in 

the field of surgical oncology.

He has contributed to a number of cancer-related accomplishments. He is one of Kerala’s senior-

most MCh qualified oncologists. Dr. Jojo V. Joseph has contributed his knowledge and expertise 

to a number of medical and social projects and initiatives, to name a few. The second non-

Governmental cancer institute in Kerala, Caritas Cancer Institute, was founded and officially 

opened by him. The upcoming surgical oncology division of Apollo Hospital in Dhaka’s Cancer 

Care Division, currently renamed as Ever Care Hospital, is next on the list. In addition to these, he 

actively engages with people and participates in a variety of community programmes and 

medical camps, including those for cancer screening, early diagnosis, and quitting smoking. In 

addition to these, he actively engages with people and participates in a range of community

programmes and medical clinics, including programmes for smoking cessation, early diagnosis of 

cancer, and many more. programmes, and so on and so forth.

Dr. Jojo V. Joseph educates the public about cancer, including its causes, symptoms, and 

treatments. He is renowned for being modest and kind. With no defects, he provides patients 

with the highest level of care. 

He even has a website where he shares his knowledge, experiences, and stories with others to 

keep them informed and dispel any misconceptions they may have about cancer. In order to aid 

in the early detection of cancer and its treatment, he is passionate about combining current 

technologies with his knowledge.

He has received a number of honours and accolades for his efforts in the field of surgical 

oncology. He continues to put in a lot of effort and support others in living happy lives. He has 

educated numerous surgeons in the field of surgical oncology throughout the course of his 

career, and his pupils are succeeding internationally. Additionally, he promotes regular checkups 

by holding lectures, webinars, and other events. His wife, Dr. Jincy Mathew, is a physician as well 

and is currently employed at Caritas Hospital in Kottayam as a Consultant Radiologist.

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