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 Manoj Kr Dutta, Founder of Share Tradee Point: One of the best Trading coach in India.



After the pandemic situation of 2020, a lot of people have taken the social media as a platform for promoting their businesses. Likewise, several trade gurus have spread their wings in trading world but some names have deeply given their impressions and been famous in the trading world. One of the famous names that is constantly heard in the world of trading is none other than Manoj Kumar Dutta, who is NISM Research Analyst with more than 7 years’ experience. 

Manoj, at present, a trainer in the field of stock market, founder of Share Tradee Point (TM) (ISO 9001:2015) and an investor himself. He gives his all efforts and shares his knowledge with people to make them successful traders.

The learning videos of his YouTube channel immensely help the beginners to enhance their knowledge about stock market. His YouTube channel is a representation of the success that his institution Share Tradee Point has achieved through these years. 

Manoj’s trading journey will inspire young stock market beginners. Starting from scratch, Manoj has given lot of effort to became NSE Certified option trader & more than that NISM Research Analyst. In this journey he has put emphasis on learning and proved that, learning is the only weapon to become successful in this sector.

Manoj teaches his YouTube subscribers the basic knowledge of trading and his courses are easy to understand for beginners from the other jobs or positions. His aim is to promote theory-based steps and strategies that have a defined road to achievement. His confidence in this filed can be derived from the theoretical knowledge that he shares among his viewers and audience. Unlike other investors, who try their luck and go with the flow, He chooses to adopt a distinct path. In the games of ups and downs, he hopes to fly high without fearing from falling. It is this calibre and confidence that makes him very inspiring and influential among his social circles.

In this current situation, everyone is trying to find profitable means of income and trading is an attractive platform but with proper knowledge. That’s where Manoj jumps in and serving like The pole start that shown the right way for many across India.

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