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Marvel Collabs – About a leading Influencer Marketing and PR Agency Started by Creators



About Marvel Collabs 

Marvel collabs is an influencer marketing platform with a vision to marry technology and influencer marketing.

It is a one stop solution, that helps brands/agencies and influencers collaborate seamlessly and provides a suite of features that enables them to scale the creation, management and measurement of Influencer Marketing Campaigns. From discovering campaigns/influencers, proposals and negotiations, contact us.

Board of directors 

Marvel colllabs is a partnership firm started by Mohammad Mufeed and Pooja Sharma.

MOHAMMAD MUFEED – He is founder of marvel collabs along with Pooja Sharma. He has performed excellence in BTech in CSE and diploma in mechanical engineering. He refused to work for any 9-5 job and started his own company “Marvel Collab” at just 22. Marvel Collabs was a lockdown passion project with bloomed into a well-spoken firm with more than 100000 influencers.

POOJA SHARMA – She is founder of marvel collabs along with Mohammad Mufeed. She has performed excellence in M.Sc. Medical biochemistry and bachelors in zoology honors. Her energy drive towards owning a company has led both the founders into making this firm. She has managed more than 50 campaign with more than 5000 influencers with excellence. Her management and speaking skill have built many connections for marvel collabs.

Influencer Marketing as a Service

Enjoy end to end campaign support to plan execute successful campaigns on social media platforms.

When it comes to reach, We Marvel collabs believe in ‘The more the Merrier’.

​When it comes to connections, we carefully nurture the right ones. As one of India’s best social media marketing consultants, we help your brand create a timeless influence among your audience. How, you ask? Let’s say we have strategically curated culture leaders viz. social media influencers, creators, and bloggers across different categories who can make ‘viral’ happen for you.

Talent Management 

To be able to target all possible groups through a plethora of talents, we are constantly on the lookout to increase our list of influencers, and keep bringing fresh faces to the table, that will further enunciate our reach and then managing them all to the best of our capabilities.

Brand Solutions

Worried about campaign planning?

Our marvel collabs Members will help you create effective powerful marketing communications. Brand-Solutions has always helped hundreds of companies attract more customers, grow sales, and achieve their branding and marketing objectives.

Public Relations

Our aim is to deliver credibility via our media tie-ups and connections across various segments. We are here to help influencers and brands to establish in the diverse current industry and help them create their niche through effective

Give a brief info about your Marvel Collabs?

I , Pooja Sharma Co- Founder of Marvel collabs introduce you to our story.

MARVEL COLLABS is a ‘one stop platform’ for influencer marketing.  We help brands in branding which sound easy but people make a whole lot of mistakes when it comes to branding. Mufeed and I built our company by branding and professionalism and I think that the key for most of the new startups and small business.  We started as freelancer and saw the potential in this industry and branded our work as an entity. I few months later people started recognizing our work as Marvel Collabs. But started with very less commission but were mainly focused on getting good work for creators. Marvel collabs is and was creators oriented. We always focus on creators and brands come in along the way. Our specialty is conducted bulk campaign very smoothly. We take care of 

each and every service required in the industry from influencer marketing to digital press releases.

What made us start our startup and what problem does it soive?

Our basic motivation behind venturing into this industry was that the short video platforms is the most popular and demanded industry and despite such demanding industry, there are so many competitors who wants to stand out the other. So why not help these platforms to increase their creators base and help them to achieve the heights which they planned in the initial step.

Marvel Collabs takes away all the stress of these brands by taking care of each and every perspective that could become obstacle in their growth process.

Where is your startup Marvel Collabs based out of? Why do you think that is the best place for you?

My startup is Delhi based. I think Delhi is the best place for startups like influencer marketing. But since most of our work is digital and can work from home, any place can be its hub with power of hard work. 

Social responsibility in social media

We simply make sure that we highlight the brand according to its key features. Every brand has some specialty which gives it an edge over the other. We emphasize that aspect and set target audience according to their choices so that the right post is visible on the right customer’s wall and our client is able to get a potential customer. We make sure that our client is able to extract the best out of the market with the right aspects being promoted.

What is the potential of Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing employs leading and niche content creators and when executed properly, it is an effective way to drive quality traffic, improve brand awareness, and convey messages to a brand’s target audience. This new era of ‘mimetic’ marketing is helping customers to simplify their decision-making and inform what they think they want via their role models. This democratic media consumption is increasingly ranking high in the domain; in fact, in the name of “role models”, celebrities only accounted for 27% of influencer marketing spending. The rest of the 73% included nano, micro and mid-tier influencers because of the high relatability quotient and trust that they share with their audience.

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