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Meet Sanoj AS, a cyber security expert who is the ultimate player in the world of hacking and cyber security.



As the world grows more and more tilted toward the digital world, safety concerns increase at a higher level. From children to old, everyone remains focused on this man-made world, a place very different from reality and a place having quite a lot of similarities with reality and a place where people hide behind the curtains, completely putting a blindfold on the eyes of the beholders.

Similar to a coin having two sides, the digital world is made of a side that is visible to everyone, a brighter side showing all sorts of stuff we easily have access to, and the dark side which is unknown to almost everyone, a side of this world where the most ill practices happen. Out of which, hacking and impersonation of someone online are quite common. Safety regarding one’s identity and information is highly valued since many people, more like predators are already in the search of prey online.

Meet Sanoj A S, a professional and experienced Cybersecurity expert who is known for his exceptional skills as a Cybersecurity Analyst and Consultant, Certified Ethical Hacker, Content Creator, Tech Journalist, and Digital Forensic Investigator. As a Cyber Law supporter, he has been constantly providing professional services concerning Cybersecurity.

He also manages the social media accounts and pages of many celebrities and is also known for efficiently recovering hacked accounts and pages, including his efforts to recover and stop the circulation of personal identity and information. He is an active volunteer at Kerela Police Cyberdome and works as a sub-editor at Sutharya Keralam. He has also joined hands with Serverorbits Hosting Solutions as a Web Application Developer.

He has been actively working against Cybercrimes and ensuring to keep up the professional work, he has always looked forward to complete every project with utmost sincerity and dedication. He is also a Tech Journalist and he has written many articles in collaboration with a news portal. He is a quite well-known personality in the world of Cybersecurity which purely explains his work process and sincerity concerning his work.

He has recovered many hacked profiles and pages, influenced many people as a Consultant, and served every client in the most efficient way, which completely defines his professional behavior. He has been an active member of many seminars related to Cybersecurity and he has always focused on spreading the message of safety when operating the internet. We are open to a lot of opportunities and sources, however, we are the ones responsible for ensuring our safety and security of ourselves. Disclosure of excess personal information can lead you to unwanted consequences which should be actively avoided.

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