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Moimoi Fine Jewellery by Moissanite



Moissanite, the most sustainable yet elegant and affordable alternative to real diamonds, has all the reasons to become the first choice and best fit for your desire of dazzling jewellery.

Tying your knots or getting engaged, is an inevitable, one time & a lifetime affair, that makes you complete for the rest of your life as you choose your soulmate, who becomes the most important person in your life. So it becomes equally important to choose the best and most remarkable symbol of togetherness, that’s your engagement ring. 

What else can be the foremost option for your engagement ring then Moimoi, a product by Moissanite that will add more sparkle to the most beautiful moment of your lives. Moimoi fine jewellery, brought to you by Moissanite, meets all the aspects in terms of aesthetics, sturdiness at the same time light on your pocket. 

Moissanite stones are available in Yellowish or Brownish colors that works well with yellow gold or rose gold, however they are now also available near to colorless shade, just like the shimmery real Diamonds.

A diamond symbolizes brilliance & fire, so as our Moissanite stones carries both the qualities, but Moissanite comes with more coloured flashes then a Diamond. Then why wouldn’t you go for a Moissanite stone? As it appears just like a real Diamond.

Unlike Diamonds, Moissanite stones do not have a cleavage plane, which gives more durability to the stone. Moissanite stones are also considered as the second hardest gem stones, which will keep your engagement ring lasting for a longer period of time. Moissanite has come up with such great collection of enchanting stones with their Moimoi collection of Engagement Rings, Pendants, Earrings, & Bracelets that are designed by our expert & renowned designer Mr. Amit Jain who is also famously known as Bawlachoraa on Social Media Platforms that you must definitely go for.  And Solitaire designs are made by our skilful & accomplished designer Mr. Bhavik Somaiya.

If you have so much in the elegant stone that you are looking for, then it certainly becomes your final choice for the jewellery you are searching for the most important occasions of your life. One must go through the entire collection of Moimoi by Moissanite before selecting your engagement ring for you special day.

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