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“Mr. Akash Jaiswal, creating trend within the digital trends”



Akash-Sky is the limit. One can achieve anything if his/her vision and determination are strong enough to overcome any constraints or problems. Keeping this in mind, Mr. Akash Jaiswal has built a digital portfolio-building website, named “Wooble” that is based on SaaS (Software as a service) concept. This product is specially curated for students and professionals, keeping in mind the problems/ constraints, they face in their respective careers. This product will create a ripple effect in the digital world. Most Professionals know about portfolios but students don’t know about the importance of portfolios that much. Most students use a CV or resume as a tool to apply for jobs. Mr. Jaiswal wants to redefine that trend so that the perks of having a digital portfolio should benefit the students in their long professional careers.  The founder and CEO of Wooble, Mr. Akash Jaiswal has done his undergraduate in the field of computer science. His entrepreneurship journey is noteworthy and had begun early when he along with his friends started an ed-tech company, named Learnastic, to develop software that can be used by schools for management purposes. After that, he went on to Co-found Team Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd., which specializes in providing customized software solutions to both Government and Private organizations. The company also deals with website development, responsive design, software development, support, and maintenance as well as consulting and business analytics services. 

As his professional career was always tangled with digital trends, he quickly understood the problems students and professionals faced to solidify their digital footprints. So, Mr. Jaiswal propelled the concept of a digital portfolio that would help the students and professionals to capture a glimpse of their entire careers. To execute this idea, Mr. Jaiswal along with his team founded “Wooble”, as a flagship brand of Team Hi-Tech. Wooble would act as a medium that would provide a one-stop solution for building and designing digital portfolios. As it is a SaaS product, Wooble also uses the concept of the subscription-based model. Mr. Jaiswal especially emphasized the pricing, so that pricing would not act as a hindrance for the students. The USP (Unique Selling proposition) of Wooble is the convenience that would be experienced by the users.  Wooble is also user-friendly which indicates that one doesn’t need to be tech-savvy or a programmer to use the product. Also, one can share his/her experience or learn from others’ experiences through blogging. This will help an individual to remain updated in the digital world.

 Mr. Akash Jaiswal is a firm believer in the saying “It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”. That’s the reason, he thinks it is important that students and professionals should create and personalize their work/career portfolios to rejuvenate their digital presence and Wooble would be a suitable platform for that. As Mr. Jaiswal would say “A portfolio is a person’s reflection”, so it’s the perfect time to reflect yourself to the world digitally through Wooble. 

To know more about the product Wooble, just visit its website. Wooble Website is also open for pre-registration and interested people can register themselves easily. The website will also go live during the official launch of the product “Wooble” that will take place on 23rd July, Saturday. 

Wooble Website link: 

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