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Mrs India 2022 2023 10th Season of Official Mrs India™ by Deepali Phadnis will be hosted in Ranthambore, An Exotic Tourist destination and Tiger Reserve



Deepali Phadnis, Director of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd, has announced Quest for Mrs India 2022 2023, the 10th Season of Mrs India, Not Just a Modal, She is a Role Model is officially on. 

Mrs India Pageants are known for its theme-based productions. Mrs India Pageant is the Largest and Longest serving Pageant for the Married woman in India started by Deepali Phadnis, former Mrs Asia International and now a National Director and International Jury to various International Pageants, Awards and Programs.

Mrs India, Not just a Model; She is Role Model.

Mrs India is much more than just a ramp walk. Mrs India Celebrates the accomplishments of women and her contribution to social and family values. Mrs India is a Celebration of a remarkable married Woman of India who knows how to balance Passion with compassion. Mrs India is a place where Lady turns to the Queen in the true sense, who is Empowered, Energized and makes a difference in the lives around her.

Mrs India started with the theme of Beauty in Diversity as we firmly believe that every woman is beautiful and every woman should feel beautiful about herself irrespective of her Age, height, weight or colour. 

Mrs India is a Pioneer:

Mrs India is the first Pageant in India to Introduce a Classic Category to India, giving an opportunity to a woman to express herself above 45 years of Age which was thought unthinkable ten years back by many. Mrs India has participants of all ages and is a proud Pioneer of breaking stereotypes about beauty. The woman is not only about her physical attributes when she is contributing in almost every field. Why limit her only to One perspective ? is what Deepali Phadnis always believed, and with the same thought, Mrs India was born.

If You have a Will, Mrs India is a Way to your dream.

A woman from the Age of 21 to 80 Years has already participated in Mrs India, proving that if you have the will, we have a way to your dream. Not only did women of all age groups participate in Mrs India, but women of all age groups also represented India internationally and Won International Titles.

Mrs India’s Longest and Largest Pageant In India:

Mrs India’s Family has spread from State Level, National Level to International Level Pageants, making it India’s Only Premium and largest platform that provides voice and visibility to women of Today, A Woman who is a role model and who can inspire many lives. 

Mrs India believes that beauty has no meaning without cause. We have been actively working on various social awareness like Diabetes, Textile Pollution, Menopause, Mental Health, Child Abuse, Holistic living etc. . Mrs India has various programs through which we promote Local Tourism, Local food and architectural pride that we, as Indians, have inherited.

What is Mrs India 2022 2023 all about:

Mrs India is committed to Environmental Cause a. Mrs India has a dedicated Program to bring awareness about Textile Pollution and its hazards through Fashion Shows, Video Series and the promotion of Indian Handlooms.

Mrs India 2022 2023 will bring awareness about the Conservation of Wild Life. Through its program, Tourism Queen Mrs India will promote Indian Tourism, whereas Mrs India 2022 2023 Finalists will promote local and national tourism of India.

Mrs India believes food is the only thing that connects us unconditionally. Through our Program Food, Connect Mrs India will connect all of us to a diverse platter of Food and Festivals India has to offer to the World. The entire journey of Mrs India will be captured in Various Photos and Videos that will remain as the Most Cherished memories on Mrs India Pageants. To become a part of Mrs India’s Family Contact us at

For more information: 

Contact Ms Deepali Phadnis


Mrs India Pageant and Productions Pvt Ltd

Phone: 78558 20326

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