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MuksOS: Artificial Intelligence OS, launcher version available on play store



In the month of January, Muks Robotics unveiled an OS launcher with cutting-edge AI features.

The creator of MuksOS, Dr. Mukesh Bangar, made some significant announcements regarding the functionality. He said, “The Company’s objective is to develop an operating system for space robots because it requires teachable AI features, which are already present in the MuksOS mobile version.” Other launchers now available on the market have simple, outdated themes that require constant scrolling and have time-consuming features. MuksOS is faster, smarter, and smoother because of its AI-focused minimalist design.

It seeks to promote natural phone interaction. This launcher allows users to access apps, contacts, and information by speaking, writing, or displaying gestures. 

The voice reminder feature and writing on the home screen of MuksOS Launcher are firsts in the AI sector.

The home screen is the key draw for users since as soon as they start writing on it, relevant apps or contacts appear on the screen, making it simple to reach them without scrolling or entering in the search box.

Users are more likely to utilise voice commands these days, and MuksOS features an integrated voice search feature to handle the growing number of speech searches. Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and other search engines are supported by MuksOS, and it even has artificial intelligence built in to respond to user inquiries. 

Although there are many voice assistants on the market, none of them can be trained. You may programme voice commands, object recognition, and actions into MuksOS, and you can even use it to operate hardware like advanced robots or lighting controls.

Other operating systems often only alert you to events, but MuksOS also alerts users to the reminders they’ve put up so they don’t miss their daily agenda. The alarm has been reimagined by MuksOS as a Speech alarm that gives users a JARVIS-like experience.

You now have the option to select between MuksOS Launcher and the phone’s default launcher thanks to the new version. You have a choice of default and neon themes, as well as light and dark themes. You may personalise your phone using MuksOS by changing the icon sizes, shapes, and pencil colours. Using add home option, you may instantly pin your favourite apps to the home screen and conceal them from view.

Another benefit of the free edition is the absence of advertisements. Overall, MuksOS provides a simple appearance and a distinctive alternative for individuals who enjoy personalising their phones.

Within a short period of only 4 months, MuksOS Launcher, which has 20k+ downloads on the Google Play Store, has gained a lot of attention and quickly established itself as one of the most popular third-party launchers for Android. It is accessible in 177 nations, supports more than 17,868 devices, and keeps improving.

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