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Nang Lucky Gogoi Honors Women Entrepreneurs in Sivasagar



Nang Lucky Gogoi

Nang Lucky Gogoi, a member of the Assam State Commission, proudly announces the remarkable achievements of women entrepreneurs in the Sivasagar district. As the Vice President of the Rangpur Agri and Allied Processors Industry Association (PIAARA), she has actively encouraged the participation of women in the association, making it the leading District Industries Association in Assam with the highest number of active female members.

Under Nang Lucky Gogoi’s leadership, ten women mushroom cultivators from Assam participated in advanced training sessions at the prestigious ICAR – Directorate of Mushroom Research in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. She has been assisting these cultivators in securing training, government grants, subsidized loans, and access to markets, leading to their growth and success.

Nang Lucky Gogoi has also initiated the establishment of a Farmers Producer Company (FPC) focused on mushroom cultivation with an all-women board of directors. This endeavor aims to empower and promote women’s participation in the mushroom cultivation sector.

The women of Sivasagar district have shattered the traditional perception of farming as a male-dominated field by embracing mushroom cultivation. Meena Gogoi Buragohain, from Namdang Gohain village, is a prime example of self-reliance and success in mushroom cultivation. Her story reflects the determination and spirit of numerous women in Sivasagar who have defied societal expectations and made significant contributions to agriculture.

The agricultural revolution led by these women is transforming the economic landscape of Sivasagar. By engaging in mushroom cultivation, they achieve self-sufficiency and become active participants in the agricultural sector, contributing to their prosperity and the overall growth of the community.

The Sivasagar District Industries Association wholeheartedly supports these women entrepreneurs and aims to empower and uplift women in agriculture through various initiatives and training programs. Meena Gogoi Buragohain’s success story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the resilience and determination of the women in Sivasagar and highlighting the potential they possess.

Meena Gogoi Buragohain currently produces up to 1200 kg of mushrooms per month, earning an income of approximately Rs. 1.5 lakh. She sells her oyster mushrooms in the local market and in neighboring states like Nagaland. The government’s support, including training programs, subsidized loans, and marketing assistance, has played a vital role in her success.

Punya Konwar, another member of the Sivasagar district industry association, has also found success in mushroom farming, specializing in oyster mushroom production. With support from the District Agriculture Department, Punya Konwar has been able to progress in her cultivation efforts and has contributed to the empowerment of other women by providing training in different parts of the district.

The initiative taken by these women has sparked a wave of self-reliance in Sivasagar district. Promising figures like Prem Baroua, Usha Neog, and Mani Baroua have emerged in mushroom cultivation, earning annual incomes ranging from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. They have become role models for other women interested in pursuing agricultural activities in Sivasagar.

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