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“Aleca Lifestyle: Nikhil Rajesh Kamankar Launches New Fashion Brand”



Nikhil Rajesh Kamankar-At present aleca lifestyle will provide services in the form of a website. And home delivery of the product will be done using a prepaid payment method.

Nikhil Kamankar, founder of the company, says that Aleca lifestyle can be known for its innovative and trendy design.

When asked the meaning of the word Aleca, Nikhil said that Aleca means a luxury everyone can afford. That means our product is luxurious but the product can be afforded by the common man.The aim and dream of the company is very big.

Nikhil has started this company with his two friends.The names of the co-founders of the company have not been revealed yet. Although this startup is small, Nikhil says we will soon add the name of the company to the list of big companies.

According to the sources, the products of Aleca lifestyle will be T-shirts, printed t-shirts, hoodie, sweatshirt, joggers, tracksuit, perfumes, footwear, oversized t-shirts, caps, watches, sunglasses and others.

Nikhil kamankar is the founder and CEO of aleca lifestyle but at the same time Nikhil is also the AUTHOR of 4 books. Poetry and Shayari listeners are also fans of Nikhil Kamankar.

According to sources, these are the books written by Nikhil, trust, lafzon mein basakar, kahi kshan ayushyache,kuch panne zindagi ke These books are written by Nikhil. Nikhil says that another book of his is going to be published, the horror and thriller book is going to be a series of that book.

Nikhil Kamankar speaks very nice poetry and has thousands of fans on Instagram

So we can see that Nikhil is not only founder and CEO but also a great Artist.

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