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Young Entrepreneur, Kalash Shah, 21, Triumphs in Creative Marketing



Kalash Shah, 22, founded Lit Entertainment Co. in 2021 to positively impact businesses and help brands prosper through his ideas. However, this is not the only time he has stepped forward to achieve this dream. He has been passionately working towards this without even realising it since he was Fourteen.

Despite being from an engineering background, he has prominently helped more than a hundred companies with their marketing aspirations and helped them significantly expand their businesses.

While pursuing his, he realised that his heart was not content with what he was seeking. He knew he was meant for something else. He has always had this attitude of taking up anything and everything thrown at him. He said yes to every opportunity that came towards him. His initial internships involved direct sales and cold calling, which were unpaid. After much stumbling and falling, he understood that his interests and skills lay in marketing. It didn’t take him long to gain knowledge in the area of his interest. He was able to work in many different roles and aspects that provided him with deep insights on almost all areas of Marketing.

While he was a core member of various startups, he continued to seek self-improvement. This knowledge enabled him to assist startups in exponentially growing. He was able to grow from internship positions to CXO positions through his skill and hard work. He carried this keen skill of understanding people’s perspectives and what they wished for, which kept enabling to reach bigger heights and better opportunities.

“Since childhood, I have been keen on meeting new people and learning a thing or two from their life experiences. So I made sure to incorporate all those life insights when I started my own company”, says Kalash.

The high-stepping point for Kalash was starting the company LIT Things Pvt. Ltd., known as Lit Entertainment Co. Lit is a 360-degree creative media and marketing agency covering everything under the umbrella of marketing and events.

It is Lit Entertainment’s young, creative, and passionate approach to work that distinguishes them from other marketing agencies. Their goal is to make every project unique to the brand and to ensure maximum customization. Having an open mind to explore and experiment is their pick rather than working on templates.

For hundreds of people, some of Lit Entertainment’s best highlights are experiential events like Lit night, Lit munch, Lit Holi, and Prom Night

 Lit started as a small team of 5 creative generalists which has now grown to 25+ full-time employees. The pride of Lit Entertainment is that their work speaks for itself. They have yet to do business development activities to acquire clients. All the clients they’ve worked for have either come from the team’s previous work and relationships or word of mouth from the existing clients. They also got one of the largest climate tech companies as their client by reference. As a result, Lit Entertainment grew 12 times in the small span of 6 months. They have worked with a vast range of industries and have had the opportunity of working for a glorifying clientele that includes big brands like Osia Hypermart, MBA Chaiwala, Fashion TV as well as many local brands.

Climbing another step of the ladder of success, Kalash co-founded Creative Tribe, a marketing agency based out of Dubai that caters for middle eastern and European nations. Creative Tribe has had an accelerating start and is prepared to make a difference in the marketing industry. He has also been exploring a different vertical and domain – Web 3 market and started providing services like blockchain marketing, AR/VR and NFT development. He is also in talks with people and plans to organise large-scale events and concerts in the year 2023.

Kalash is as dedicated as ever and is looking forward to creating even bigger impacts in people’s lives and businesses through his work

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