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“NOMOEX’s Abhishek Mahto supports Make in India initiative for growth & progress.”



Young and Blockchain visionary Abhishek Mahto has made through the talks, again. He is already recognized as the person who is behind building India’s first own cryptocurrency exchange. Abhishek is keen on taking crypto to next level with his innovative ideas and strategies.

As the crypto and demand (or craze, so it is) is growing rapidly and so are the users and investors. The projected numbers are high and as the trend suggests the crypto future is bright in our country. High number of people are exposed and introduced to new currency and people are fascinated by it but there are higher issues that are to dealt when dealing with cryptocurrency. Abhishek saw this and he says, “Though a lot of people are dealing with crypto but the issue of trust and reliability is always there.” 

With the growing exposure, the risk and the vulnerability also grow. When new people come into this platform they are an easy prey to frauds, scams and if they do not have proper and prior knowledge or experiment there is a high chance that they lose their money. Abhishek made sure that this changes and that was when NOMOEX was established.

NOMOEX is the crypto exchange platform where one doesn’t have to worry about their privacy and have trust issues. With NOMOEX on board a lot of things have changed and so has the way people perceive crypto and their outlook towards it. The platform also offers demo lessons, provides knowledge and enhanced awareness and improve accessibility. The platform allows you to exchange any cryptocurrency with ease as well as sell and buy coins, alongside it is a platform that is accessible to everyone be it a beginner, intermediate or professional player, it provides various options exclusively limited to NOMOEX only.

People are very skeptical to use crypto exchange platforms, especially the one’s made by a foreign country. The fear of data and privacy breach is always an issue but this is not with NOMOEX. For the same reason NOMOEX has emerged as one of the most preferred crypto exchange in the recent times. The strongest features of NOMOEX is the NOMOEX COIN that provides a powerful and credible payment/incentive system for the community.

The pillars on which NOMOEX stand are that of transparency, accessibility and flexibility. It provides all the information clear to the users without any hidden charges or settings and something that is accessible to everyone easily. With many advance features, users are offered with options to choose from over 800 cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Do not worry even if you’re beginner because these things are taken care of by NOMOEX professionals and experts who are always ready to assist you and help you in your journey.

Made for anyone and everyone this platform deals with beginners and professionals, both with its user-friendly interface and working it just take few swipes to understand how this works. Abhishek has done a tremendous job and as this rolls out, people will not only have a Made In India crypto exchange platform but also a reliable partner to have their money invested.

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