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NTA Got Gold Medal in Intraday Trading from India Book of Record



The India Book of Records rates a book of records annually that documents various extraordinary Indian records. The India Book of Records was first published in 2006 and has consistently published a book of records consistently, over the years. 

To have been awarded a gold medal in Intraday trading and Investment from such an esteemed organisation is an honour for Nifty Trading Academy. 

What is Intraday Trading? 

Intraday Trading or Day Trading involves the buying and selling of stocks on the same day. Share prices fluctuate throughout the trading day, and intraday traders generate profits by participating in the buying and selling of shares in this fluctuating period. Intraday trading is advantageous to any individual, regardless of whether they’re beginners in the share market or experienced traders. 

What is Nifty Trading Academy?

Nifty Trading Academy is a fantastic venue for Intraday & Technical Analysis Study in India, where you can study the Indian stock market. You may learn anything from the basics of stock market fundamentals to the A-to-Z fundamentals of technical analysis. NTA® provides a variety of mind-blowing methods and golden guidelines to assist you in becoming a booming stock market trader.

In 2015, NTA® received the “Student Appreciation Award” from UrbanPro for being the best online stock trading institute for free stock trading classes. 

Nifty Trading Academy has successfully taught successful training methodologies and real-world applications, resulting in the Excellence award of being India’s “Best Stock Market Training Institute” in 2016.

Gold Medal in Intraday Trading and Investment from India Book of Records 

The Nifty Trading Academy, or the NTA®, received a gold medal in Intraday trading and Investment from the India Book of Records 2022. This award was presented to the organisation for a 100% accuracy in equity from the Indian stock market for 18 months. 


The Innovative intraday trading training course at NTA® available both online and offline. The courses cover everything a beginner needs to know about trading. One of the most appealing aspects of NTA® is that it utilises cutting-edge technical expertise to educate its students on the various aspects of the stock market. 

NTA ®programmes and courses are known to generate high returns and profits. Our courses are also priced at affordable ranges. So, if you want to learn the stock market basics and work your way up to becoming an experienced trader, NTA® is the place to be. 

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