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NUSKĀA: Skin & Hair Care frm grandma’s recipes.



NUSKĀA is a chemical-free, all-natural skin and hair care product line inspired by the founder’s grandmother’s self-care recipe book. The company’s goal is to naturally address all of nature’s magnificent and highly efficient solutions for our skin and hair care regimens. The brand is one of the most well-liked among a sizable clientele because of the genuineness of its formulae. Products from the brand are available on its website as well as other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and Myntra.

About the founder, Divyani Singhania

Divyani Singhania established the all-natural skin and hair care line NUSKĀA in 2014. She has done masters in marketing followed by a fashion designing course from NIFT. During the same year, she started noticing that her hair started thinning. Despite trying every product on the market, nothing worked for her. She tried as many products as she could, that were “easily available” in the market, but nothing worked. She decided to turn to natural products like her grandmother preferred to use but couldn’t find them anywhere in the market. Soon she realized if she wanted natural products for her skin and hair, she would have to find them in villages where people were still using herbs and oils directly extracted from nature. With the combinations and permutations that her grandmother had taught her and with the herbs and oils that she sourced from the local village, her hair started becoming better and fuller. She realized these recipes “The Original Dadi Ma Ka Nuskha” can help many others in gaining back their thick hair and beautiful skin. After learning more about herbology and formulating and creating beautiful traditional recipes she decided to publish them under the name NUSKĀA.

Vision, Mission and Beliefs

The mission of NUSKĀA, a natural skin and hair care company, is to spread awareness about the gradual, but certain and long-lasting effects of pure, natural products, which do not harm the skin the way other products, with chemicals, do.  The brand believes that its product quality is superior and in its most natural form and once people take a taste of it, there will not be any going back for them. Additionally, NUSKĀA was established to give people access to the most organic and natural products that are effective and secure to be used on their skin and hair.

Products and USPs

To ensure that effective quality and quantity are taken care of in their wide array of skin and hair care products, NUSKĀA manufactures its own product line. Every formulation is thoroughly studied, tested & sampled with the motive to provide miraculous healing solutions to your skin and hair. To reduce adulteration, NUSKĀA also maintains the greatest possible quality of its products by obtaining everything directly from nature.

Additional benefit! All of NUSKĀA’s products are handcrafted while reciting healing mantras, giving them a positive energy boost. NUSKĀA is a company that believes in the power of the Vedas, therefore, the brand prepares the products using brass and silver tools only.

Additionally, it makes every effort to give back to the environment through sustainable practices like glass packaging; a “return the used jars and get 100/- cashback” policy to support the minimal waste; to the society through initiatives like funding the education of 5 children every year; & donating 1% of profits to villagers in Uttarakhand, etc.

The grandmother’s homemade, natural recipes, which are successfully being used since our youth, are the best treatment for skin and hair care. Let’s get back to the same wonderful routine with NUSKĀA, Divyani Singhania’s handcrafted, all-natural skin and hair care product line.

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