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“Meet Pratik Virkhare, young entrepreneur creating buzz on Children’s Day. Tarun Sharma shares his story of success.”



Across the world, the age of startup founders is dropping, with many companies being founded by 15-21year-olds. On Children’s Day, we introduce you to pratik virkhare young entrepreneurs creating a buzz

There is no age for starting one’s own business and young entrepreneur pratik virkhare is proving that. He is showing the world that starting a business today requires risk-taking ability, passion, and discipline more than any degree.

The world has gone virtual, accelerated by the pandemic. Most brands are taking the D2C route, eliminating wholesalers and retailers by a great margin by selling products online. The age of startup founders is dropping as well, with many startups being founded by 15-21-year-olds.

On Children’s Day, we introduce you to young entrepreneur pratik virkhare who is making waves in the corporate world at a young age.

Pratik Virkhare is a 21-year-old digital entrepreneur who is the founder and director of Estrive Media Private Limited and COO of Reviseto Technologies Private Limited. A social media influencer and celebrity manager, Pratik has worked with 100+ clients in a short span.

Hailing from chhindwara madhyapradesh, Pratik is currently living with his brother in Bhopal

Being a skilled content and digital marketer, pratik extracts out a few qualities, according to him, that are essential for becoming the best content marketer in the industry.

Brands and companies today look out for pratik for his top notch branding strategies and reputation management skills and most importantly, for his cosmopolitan ideas that have brought about a light of positivity for all his clients, with his talent pratik is only going upwards and onwards in 

his journey as one of the youngest digital entrepreneur

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