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Our Business Model: 

In all our surrounding active areas in Kolkata, OP Meals, inaugurated in 2021, aims to provide every young student, working professional, and household with wholesome, homemade meals. Everything one needs in a healthy meal is carefully planned, sourced from organic ingredients, and delivered to our customers’ preferred location for convenience. We provide beneficial meal delivery service on a subscription basis that is mainly weekly, monthly, etc. types & also quality food with decent customer service at a value price. 

Our Management: 

The vital pillar behind this fantastic food foundation is Mukund Jha from Bihar and Amit Sahu from UP. The two young founders of the food startup collaborated to give rise to this unique idea. Mukund Jha is an enthusiastic BBA dropout but a courageous entrepreneur, and Amit Sahu is a student with a creative vent of mind. So, both of them discussed their perspectives, goals, etc., and decided to give it a final shape by opening OP Meals. 

What Inspired Us? 

Getting a wholesome meal on the table is quite a troublesome task. We both faced this common issue while residing in a shelter in Kolkata away from our families. Finding the time to buy ingredients, plan meals, and, after that, cook them is pretty impossible after a long busy day. 

And at the same time, several female individuals can cook well, but they don’t get a fair chance to present their skills. Also, this could be a way of earning from which most are unaware. 

Combining these two aspects, we both thought to work on this. As we became clear about our mission, we started to connect with people, discuss our ideas with them, test the quality, and more. After a long introspection, we got our people to work with us and opened this startup. Now, we deliver our customers fresh homemade luscious foods at an affordable range. 

Our Future Vision: 

We aim to add more people to this startup and reach every needy person across Kolkata. With our healthy meal delivery service, we are positively taking a step towards women’s empowerment and healthy, clean eating. Also, we will extend our menu list with more amazing cuisines, deserts, etc.

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