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Who says your daily bath just has to be a chore and task to tick off in the day? You can always have more fun with I Real’s products. Enhance your shower routine by getting these products and nourish your skin and hair. They have fragrances that keep you smelling fresh and wonderful all throughout the day.

I Real Care have a variety of products under their belt, they have nourishing shampoos, protective hair serums, healing hair masks, cleansing face washes and rich oils. Your scalp will feel better than ever before. I Real, really care about all of the problems you might be picking with your scalp. They have specialised shampoo to combat each of your concerns. They have Dandruff, Detox, Keratin and Chem-Care shampoo. Each of these shampoos help you battle their particular problem.

They also care for your hair after you have washed it, they provide two powerful strengthening products as hair masks- a keratin hair mask, and a regular one for those who don’t need that extra push. They don’t stop with that they also have designed hair serums that will protect your hair from any damage from heat products like blow dryers but will also keep it looking lustrous and shiny throughout the day. Their Argan oil proves to be great for hair growth and in achieving a shiny look. Always a good idea to oil your hair with their Argan hair oil and follow with a shampoo day after.

I Real embodies caring for you in every way possible. They care to look through every ingredient that is good for your skin and hair. They use only the best of the best, they have looked into what works for the Indian skin and what doesn’t. They are also cruelty-free and are very proud of that fact and are a responsible brand that not only care for you but also care for the environment. Their products combine a heavenly blend of Tea tree, shea butter, apple cider, aloe vera, soy protein, amla, rosemary and moroccan oil. All of these natural ingredients are known to be great for hair growth, strengthening and smoothening and are hold great benefits for skin too!

There are many customers who have bought their products and enjoy using them. They put work into not only whats good for you but also what feels good for you. They have worked on creating magical exotic flavours and fragrances that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and happier. Up your bath and shower routine by adding these to your nightstand, they are whats missing from your skincare routine. Grocery store shampoos and face washes might do the job but these products will nail it. If there is any way to go, it is only I Real.

You don’t have to enjoy the expensive spa experience only once in a while. I Real known you deserve to be cared for everyday. Bring the spa to your home and enjoy the supreme range of products for every occasion. What are you waiting for? To know more visit the link below: 

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