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Parth-Niti’s sizzling chemistry ignites fans in KY2 S4!



Plot: After his romance with his sweetheart, Nandini Murthy, comes to an end, Manik Malhotra (Parth Samthaan) decides to head to the mountains to mend his shattered heart (Niti Taylor). His return is solely intended to save his father’s business, but as luck would have it, he crosses paths with Nandini, and what follows next is what makes Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 4 so compelling. Will Manik and Nandini be able to put their painful history behind them? Alternatively, part ways?

What’s New?

The music and background score are pretty calming. It carries you along in the plot and the feelings of the main couple. Every time they are on screen together, their chemistry bursts, making you think of that one truly epic love story you’ve experienced. The BBC Studios India-produced Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 4 presents a vibrant image of Goa’s sandy landscape. The pace of the series typically slows down with each new season. Trust the creators of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan to deviate from the norm. It becomes fresher with each passing season.

What Isn’t?

The fact that everything about Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 4 is spot-on is a welcome surprise. It pleases the eye thanks to the directing, editing, and cinematography.


Parth Samthaan seeks solace in nature to heal his damaged heart and succeeds in the projection. The band hold beard style enhances his persona as a betrayed lover. From where he left off in the previous season, Parth picks it up brilliantly, evolving from an arrogant college brat to a person with bottled-up emotions. On the other hand, Niti Taylor, who has tremendous acting potential, is all about nuance. She can move you to tears with her moving situations.

Final Conclusion

It’s a heartwarming show that emulates numerous love languages.

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