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PAWS Learning & Research Council, India  (PLRC)



Since its genesis in 2019, PAWS Learning & Research Council, India (PLRC) – registered with the Government of India – has been working for the upliftment of pet animal health care and industry under the banner of the Indian Pet Industry Forum (IPIF). PLRC has organised numerous hands-on workshops and CE programs aimed at up skilling experienced and prospective vets as well as bringing pioneering (medical/veterinarian) technology to India. In unison with the Government’s Start up India initiative, PLRC too, strives for the recognition of entrepreneurship in the pet industry. These efforts to encourage start-ups and skill improvement translate into greater job opportunities, productivity, private investments and development – that subsequently boost our nation’s GDP. Consequently, such injections into the circular flow of income increase India’s competitiveness and competence as a leading manufacturer of pet medicines, companion animal research (R&D), vaccines, accessories, pet toys etc. 

PLRC successfully organised a “Hands-on workshop on Emergency & Critical Care Surgical Procedures in Soft Tissue Surgery” on 8th & 9th October 2022 at D’Mark Hotels & Resorts, New Delhi. Afters its successful Ultrasonography workshop at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, in July 22

There were many leading young vets from pan India and neighbouring South Asian countries participated with enthusiasm and commitment. There were two eminent leading esteem speakers from renowned veterinary institutes of India and with three leading coordinates vets conducted the workshop. DR Sooryadas. S and Dr Arun Anand from Kerala Veterinary college and Gadvasu of Punjab respectably. There were many take home procedure undertaken by the delegates and they were all eager to attend future workshops by PLRC

These techniques will save many lives in their day to day practice and build to boost their confidence and improve their skill.

Mixing learning with fun PLRC had a Saturday Night Gala Dinner for the participants with live Punjabi Band from Chandigarh the Punjabi Zippy. 

There will be many new techniques to be learned for young vets and improve their skill and confidence.PLRC is all geared up to hold its annual event of Indian VETexpo-23 on 8th. 9th & 10th January 23 at A P Shinde Symposium, PUSA Institute, New Delhi India. There will also be a all bread championship & Obedience Dog Show. Owner awareness program and fashion show for dogs.

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