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“Enchanted Mind’s Poetic Journey: “Man Mantramugdha” by Himmani Rawal (Mugdha)”






Author :

There was once a little poetess of 13. On her way home from school, she dreamt of writing a story. The lead of the story was a female teenager. She thought and thought and developed the lead character of her story with amazing qualities. She named her ‘Mugdha’ which means tender or young. Mugdha was beautiful, feminine, confident, courageous to stand up for justice, excellent public speaker, sang beautifully, fearless and yet shy at times. She would smile and make the world blush. She would take over the stage and make the audience go crazy. She had everyone’s attention. She was everything and still had flaws. She was sensitive, unsure and had some self doubts. She was scared of losing attention, losing relations and losing overall in life. She would cry at feeling any extreme emotion. 

On her journey of developing the character of Mugdha. The poetess herself fell in love with Mugdha and as it is said “प्रेम गली अति सांकरी, ता में दो ना समाय” (The lane of love is very narrow, two cannot occupy it at same time so they have to become one.) The poetess became Mugdha over time. 

Instead of writing fictional stories with mugdha, she started living the life of Mugdha and has endless experiences that any sensitive, extremely emotional lady would relate to. Growing up, Mugdha grew up too. Finding it difficult to express her extreme self to any human, she chose to write and here she is with her first book of poetry collection, called मन मंत्रमुग्ध.

In Bhagwad Geeta, man is advised to see life from a man point of view and instead of becoming Karta (doer) he is told to become an observer. Observing and enjoying every emotion, see what mugdha has to say about her book. 

“There’s an event in Shiv Maha Puran where mata sati doubts bhagwan ram to be an avatar of bhagwan Vishnu. It’s the kidnap of Sita in Ramayana where shree ram is seen panicking and worried for sita mata. He is hurt and asks trees and flowers the whereabouts of sita maa. This behavior is so human that Sita doubts if he is actually an incarnation of Vishnu Or just a normal human being. 

Shivji explains to Sati how human life is characterised by various feelings.  We all being humans feel a variety of emotions in different conditions. The method of expressing them is also diverse. Man mantramugdh is a collection of such various emotions penned by Himani Rawal (Mugdha). 

In this book one will feel the changes in my thoughts  as I grow up. My love for nature, for people, friends and then all of a sudden, strong detachment from everything; seeking freedom, salvation and selfless love. 

This book contains dreams and realisations, love and detachment, humour and depth, wandering thoughts and provoking thoughts, seeking and satisfaction etc. Be  a part of this poetic journey to find out your relevance with my emotions.”

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