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Prabhakar Choudhary  – The Man Beind The mind tickling genius Instagram channel iota.hub



“Meet Prabhakar Choudhary, the mastermind behind viral Instagram channel iota.hub”

In the world of mundane everyday struggle to keep up with the rat race, Prabhakar, strives to stand apart with his world of witty, mind tickling memes. A simple lad from Madhya Pradesh now has a whopping collection of 1500+ memes in his portfolio working towards marketing and branding gradually. 

What makes him different from others? His genius to play with confusing concepts makes him stand out of the crowd and he uses the same to generate brand marketing and promotion contents. His contents will leave you pondering and thus while you dig into the meaning of the same you smile, giving a shout out to the creator & remember the brand probably forever! 

Memes are popular for being hilarious and making you laugh even when you aren’t in the mood, right? How about using it in brand promotions? Sounds weird, but Prabhakar saw the miracles that intellectual memes can actually do to the Brand. He thus used his magic wand of wit, humour, creativity and relatable content to strike the mind of common masses thus leaving them wondering and gradually understanding the actual meaning. In the process, they tend to relate much more to the brand than they could have through traditional marketing concepts and styles

While going through his channel in instagram, named ‘@iota.hub’ we witnessed two other important aspects – he marinated his memes with concepts that are confusing and leave you scratching your head for a while before you finally laugh out loud. This lad and his love for maths as well as humour found its path towards this world of never ending fame when his one casual posting of a maths meme went viral all of a sudden! 

His instagram handle has a whopping 104k followers and almost 1.5 K + posts.

Look into the past and how it all came about – 

After Prabhakar had a great start with his social media handles and gained quite a lot of followers there, he was approached by various brands.It was then that he took up the idea of continuing to merge memes with marketing and thus forming his dream startup. At a very young age dating back to his 20’s, when most of the people search for jobs or try to settle at a place, Prabhakar was very passionate about his interests and field of work, which he was able to monetise, earning him a very good financial position at such an early age. From engineering to marketing the journey ofcourse wasn’t smooth but what Prabhakar did was take up the challenge that came his way. Needless to mention, the lad had his fighting spirit and raised the sword of laughter higher to Work For brands like – Unacademy, Amazon, Cred , miniTv, Netflix, ZEE, TVF, MI and others. This explains all that made Zugad Company extend its root deeper keeping the head higher! 

His dream is to build a startup where memes can rule the advertising world with their own flavour. 

While carefully going through his contents we loved reading the festive and social observance wishes out of the box. We never thought maths could be so related to diwali, children’s day or his way of giving a shout out to the MTV Hustle winner needs a special mention of course! Our favourite still remains the Raksha Bandhan wish where he tries to create a bond between siblings and maths, that hardly exists in most of the families – LOL. 

The Venn Diagram and naughty Happy Holi wish will surely lead you to thoughts and darker thoughts for sure. 

No one can match his way of wishing Narenda Modi a unique happy birthday, though a whirlwind of controversy was witnessed in the comment section. But that’s what – banda was targeting at – genius indeed!

How can we not mention his way of giving a shout out to Esha Gupta with one of the images and mixing up an easy way to remember the equation of parabola!

And last but not the least, we are in absolute love with his x and dx jokes, JEE entrance memes and equation ones need special mention too

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