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Premium Clinic Skynncare Is Providing Free Consultation & Diagnosis For Hair And Skin Problems In Monsoon



Monsoon is the season full of lush greenery, drenched streets, a cold breeze after the summer heat, a season that brings joy and an excuse to get extra sleep. But it isn’t the same for everyone. For some people, it’s an invitation to skin problems like athletes’ feet, scabies, and eczema. These are the most common issues triggered as soon as the monsoon starts holding its grip tighter. New Delhi-based Dr.Dixant chhikara is up to solving these common issues with his expertise.

Common dermatological problems:

Along with happiness, monsoon season trouble some people with sensitive skin; skin rashes, allergies, ringworms, and infections could lead to the problem and puts people in uncomfortable situations. The seasonal heat and muggy weather conditions welcome viral and parasitic diseases, an ideal setting that boosts skin contaminations. Skin Eczema, Scabies, Acne, Dermatitis, Heat Rash, Warts, Skin rash, Itchy Skin, Acne Pimples, and Skin sensitivity are the most widely recognized monsoon season skin contaminations during this period.

Even in this serenity, some people face miserable situations, but they must know that; these common dermatological problems can be healed with little care. Such skin conditions need dermatologists’ attention, but most avoid visiting or consulting dermatologists. Most of the crowd choose the internet DIY of toothpaste, ENO, lemon, etc. These contain harsh elements that can destroy the skin and sometimes even worsens the existing situation. Altogether, humid weather, habits, and DIY increases the damage rather than curing skin. You must have seen such videos through social media, such DIY videos promise DIY, but it is an invitation to trouble. These shortcuts are harsh and never work for skin problems. Application of these can burn the skin and leave a stubborn scar. 

Monsoon never spares hair. Hair suffers the most because of humidity and monsoon heat. The common issue is the oily-greasy scalp, itchiness, and frizzy hair. In a pack, all these make hair roots weak and result in severe hair fall. It is nothing but a monsoon hair fall. In some cases, dandruff and scalp build makes hair root so fragile. People face patchy hair fall that needs an instant dermatologist consultation. 

Involving in DIY solutions could damage the hair follicles permanently. The key to managing this situation is to get help from experts. But economically backward class people couldn’t afford the consultation and medications. Rather than stressing and worrying, they can reach out to the government hospital. 

The government hospital that provides dermal care is full of crowds. Especially in the season when queues are so long, and getting a basic consultation becomes very hard. Treatment from a government doctor could resolve the problems. But it is hard to get a one-to-one session with them because of the long lines and masses. At the same time, the medicines provided are not easily available in the medical. Moving from clinic to chemist becomes a hassle and leaves people with no hope. – For Clinic – For Dr.Dixan

Skin is the most sensitive part of our body, and we still avoid it, assuming it is a seasonal problem. Well, the problem can be seasonal, but it doesn’t have to arise in every season. A proper skincare routine can save you from damage.

As we all have heard, “Precaution is better than cure!” 

In parallel, people need to be aware of their scalp and hair. Hair products with fewer chemicals can do wonders. And can give you desired shine, strength, and frizz-free smooth hair. The care can save your hair roots from oiliness, grease, dandruff, and scalp buildup. Hence, always follow the guidance provided by industry experts. These industry experts are none other than dermatologists who will help you to understand the root cause of the problem and provide affordable consultation.

To help you get rid of those stubborn monsoon problems, our very known dermatologists from New Delhi -Dr. Dixant Chhikara and Dr.Anjali Ahlawat are providing free Diagnosis and consultation to every individual; who seeks help with monsoon hair and skin problems. The highlight of this step is they are willing to help those in need after spotting the issue of long lines and masses at government hospitals and the struggle of economically weaker sections. They have come up with free consultation and the best facilities in their premium clinic, skynncare.

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