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Project Shruti: An Initiative by IRCS And Wehear To Address Hearing Loss in Children



10th July 2022, Sunday

This day brought a new beginning into the lives of hundreds of hearing-impaired children. Under the third phase of project Shruti, held at Red Cross Bhavan, Ahmedabad, 157 suffering from hearing loss since birth were provided with the world’s first non-surgical hearing device, HearNU (earlier known as WeHear Ear+). 

The grandeur of the event was graced by numerous families, dignitaries of the Indian Red Cross Society, and team members of WeHear Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Under Project Shruti, the team of WeHear and IRCS Ahmedabad came together to open doors of opportunities and a bright future for these children with hearing loss. Project Shruti is a novel initiative taken by the Indian Red Cross Society to address and improve the situation of children who suffer from hearing impairment. 

Under all previous phases of this esteemed project the team of Indian Red Cross Society Ahmedabad has teamed up with India’s first hearing care company WeHear Innovations Pvt. Ltd. This successful amalgamation of IRCS and WeHear has brought several children with hearing loss into the mainstream education. 

WeHear Innovations Pvt Ltd is World’s first company to make non-surgical assistive hearing solution HearNU for individuals with 100% conductive hearing loss.

The event was attended by hundreds of families hailing from remote districts of Gujarat and several dignitaries from the Indian Red Cross Society, the Government of Gujarat, and the field of social work.

The children who have suffered from hearing loss since birth were presented with HearNU assistive hearing devices by dignitaries such as: 

Smt. Sonalben Amitbhai Shah, an eminent Social worker, and Chief Guest at the IRCS Project Shruti program and 

Smt. Ritishaben Jaybhai Shah, eminent social worker, and Guest of Honour at the IRCS Project Shruti program 

The event was also attended by leading team members of the Indian Red Cross Society Ahmedabad. The team members of IRCS who blessed this event with their graceful presence were,

Shri Ajay Patel, Chairman, IRCS State Branch, 

Dr. Harshad Shah, Chairman, IRCS Ahmedabad 

Ms. Shruti Chudgar, Vice-Chairperson, IRCS, Ahmedabad 

Shri M.N Patel, Deputy Director, Primary Education, Gandhinagar 

Dr. Prakash Parmar, General Secretary, IRCS, Gujarat

As beneficiaries of the HearNU assistive hearing devices, parents of these hearing-impaired children have expressed great happiness and hope for a bright future for their children.

Today India’s 6.3% population suffers from hearing loss. According to the NSSO survey, there are 291 individuals per one lakh population suffering from severe hearing loss. A large percentage of this population is children between the ages of 0 to 14 years. 

Moreover, recent findings indicate, that India has the highest population of school-age children who suffer from hearing loss. Many of these children either remain out of school or perform poorly. This amounts to a massive loss in economic growth and productivity.

With such a huge percentage of the young Indian population, it has become mandatory for companies like WeHear to join the government initiatives and provide an affordable and effective solution. 

With the support of the Government of Gujarat and the Indian Red Cross Society, WeHear has effectively reached out to hundreds of families from remote districts of Gujarat. Under the Project Sambhde Aravalli WeHear has organized numerous hearing test camps across Gujarat with an aim to spread awareness and provide affordable health care to individuals with hearing impairment. 

So far more than 250 children have benefited from the innovative prowess of HearNU and with further developments, WeHear aims to make India the world’s first country to become free of hearing impairment.

HearNU is an affordable hearing solution available in two state-of-the-art variants, HearNU and HearNU Pro. While HearNU comes with a wristband that is specially designed for children, HearNU Pro comes with a pebble sound processor with 30 feet of Bluetooth connectivity. 

If you are having difficulty hearing or facing any issue related to ear health you can contact the WeHear team at +91-9033047732. You can also book a free hearing test at


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