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Religious Varanasi with Bharat Gaurav Train – Punya Kshetra Yatra



Situated in the fertile Ganga valley and on the banks of the Ganges, Varanasi is synchronized with promotion of spiritualism, mysticism, yoga and Sanskrit language and aptly called as the cultural capital of India. Holi city of Varanasi is also one the Char Dhams and one of the twelve Jyotir Linga sites in India. Bharat Gaurav travellers were first taken to the Vishwanath Temple after breakfast and following their visit to the temple, tourists were driven to the Sarnath, where they were served lunch before hotel check-in. In attendance was the well-known culinary and travel blogger Rajdeep Bhattacharjee from Kolkata, who was quite appreciative of the efforts made by the IRCTC representatives. Before returning to Secunderabad, the Bharat Gaurav Train will pass through Ayodhya, and Prayagraj.

The Ministry of Indian Railways has launched the Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train, or “Punya Kshetra Yatra,” in an effort to promote religious travel. The contemporary, flagged-off train will leave from Secunderabad and travel to significant locations connected to Lord Shri Rama’s life. The intended religious tour will be run on the contemporary Bharat Gaurav tourist train. Under the Bharat Gaurav Train scheme, Indian Railways is giving rail tourism marketing a 33% discount. The “Punya Kshetra Yatra: Puri, Kasi, and Ayodhya” provides rail travellers with the chance to visit a number of historical and religious sites all at once.

The Punya Kshetra Yatra package includes visits to several historical sites along the way. Highlights include the Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri, the Sun Temple in Konark, the Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi, and the evening aarti by the Sarayu River in Ayodhya, among others. The journey takes eight nights and nine days. The Bharat Gaurav train offers three types of accommodations: sleeper, 3rd AC, and 2nd AC. Inside each coach, there are infotainment systems as well as enhanced security features such as CCTV cameras. There’s also an ultra-modern pantry car where freshly prepared vegetarian meals will be served onboard—the menu will feature a variety of regional Indian cuisines in the form of preset meals.

The cost of the Bharat Gaurav Train – Punya Kshetra Yatra package includes the train journey, all meals (pure vegetarian only), excursions by bus, hotel stays, tour guides, meals, and all allied onboard services. Entry fees to local monuments are not included in the package. The ‘Punya Kshetra Yatra: Puri – Kasi – Ayodhya’ provides rail passengers with the opportunity to visit several historical and pilgrimage sites in one trip. The cheapest Economy package starts at INR 15,300/- for single occupancy in a sleeper class and goes up to INR 31,510 for single occupancy in an AC 2 cabin. If you do not want to pay the full amount up front, you can book these packages through EMIs.

The Bharat Gaurav Train – Punya Kshetra Yatra just finished their religious Varanasi trip in style. The 700 pilgrims who boarded the train in Secunderabad, Telangana, and travelled to Varanasi, their third destination. The passengers were transferred to various hotels in Sarnath for a one-night stay (which include buffet lunch, buffet dinner and buffet breakfast for next day). After lunch on the first day, devotees went to Sarnath sightseeing at their leisure and paid their respects to Lord Buddha, wishing happiness and prosperity.

India is one of the major spiritual centres in the world and is home to several shrines and other places of worship that have attracted the attention of people all over the world. Many followers visit the holy towns every year in search of inner serenity. It is the ideal spot for people to find their spiritual self because of the tranquil surroundings and revered religious locations nearby. Individuals can call IRCTC to take advantage of the newly inaugurated Bharat Gaurav Train – Punya Kshetra Yatra if they wish to visit these sacred cities. Traveling around the nation on Indian Railways’ planned tourist trains will be just as fascinating as seeing the locations themselves. They are referred to as Bharat Gaurav trains, and they travel a variety of circuits. The train packages include your stay as well as off-board excursions, food, and guided tours. The exteriors of these trains display well-known Indian monuments, sculptures, landmarks, and dancing styles that are a significant source of national pride.

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