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Resham Kamboj about her Journey as a Tarot Reader and how she transforms the life of her students and clients through her practice.



Resham Kamboj is an Award-winning certified Tarot Reader, Teacher, and Angel therapist specializing in Reiki, Ethical Spells, Akashic Reading, Angel Therapy, and Lamafera. Former Bollywood Fashion Stylist Resham is a recognized TV personality with over 9 years of professional experience and 12 years of knowledge in Tarot reading and Life coaching. She has helped over 20,000 people and taught over 8,000 students in her journey as a professional Tarot card reader, acquiring a considerable client base of over 6000.

Excerpt from the candid conversation with Resham Kamboj

1. You have been a B.Design (Fashion Communication) from NIFT Mumbai. What inspired you to switch your career to Tarot reading?

Resham – I belong to a family of astrologers and Tarot Readers, and spirituality runs in my soul. My intuitive traits triggered me to help people find harmony of mind and spirit. I am the daughter of a Tarot Reader and Grand Daughter of an Astrologer. I am always inclined to help others at times of their distress. Life is unpredictable, and we all must find ways of dealing with them. Seeing myself as a guide to help people deal with uncertainties and shamble life makes me feel accomplished. It gives me peace of mind. Moreover, I have grown up watching my parents and grandparents helping people make important decisions with confidence and offering them fresh perspectives on their lives. 

2. Do you provide services virtually, and what do your offerings include?

Resham – I do readings on Text, audio, and video call so people can book any as per their convenience. My offerings include Career growth spell, Health spell, Weight loss spell, Reiki healing, Money Abundance Spell, Manifesting any wish with Merlin Magic, Marriage spell, Negativity removal from love life, Reiki Classes level 1 and Level 2, and many more. So anytime, people can call me and book their slot, or they can directly book their slot from 

3. Any celebrities/famous personality/ known businessperson who consults with you.

Resham – Yes, in my practice as a professional Tarot reader for the last 11 years, I have read for many celebrities like Pranati Rai Prakash, Vidushi Kaul, Sayli Jadhav Aishwarya Suresh, and many big corporates too. 

4. How can a person learn Tarot reading from you? Do you conduct any workshops?

Resham- Yes, I provide 10 days LIVE Video call sessions where anyone can become a certified and professional Tarot card Reader with Angel Therapy Attunement. The entire course will cover Tarot classes, Astrologist and Buddhist remedies, Switchwords, and Insta growth class. The key takeaways will include a certificate and 4 notes set in Hindi and English. Anyone interested can DM me on Insta or Directly mail or call me for an appointment.

5) Do you want us to highlight anything specific in your journey as a professional healer?

Resham – I made a conscious decision along with the readings to make solutions back all their problems. It’s like the biggest accomplishment of my life when my tarot card prediction has helped people empower their lives positively and progressively, get rid of their troubles, give their mind stability and mental peace, and illuminate a situation with a path forward out of current difficulties.

6. Please enlighten us about Reiki and its benefits in health?

Resham – Reiki is a type of energy healing. It has the power of improving the flow of energy around the body that further enables relaxation, relieves pain, speeds healing, and reduces other many symptoms of illness. If done regularly, Reiki treatment promotes the consistent and unlocked flow of energy throughout the body. This allows people to feel less stress, enhances learning and memory, and gives mental clarity and physical healing. It relaxes and releases tension from the body. Once our inner self is healthy, it automatically accelerates the body’s self-healing ability. 

 Claim to Fame – Resham Kamboj

 –Declared as the most Popular Tarot Card Reader and Healer 2021

– Declared as the most Trusted Tarot Card Reader North India 2021

– Member of Indian Women History Museum 

– Felicitated with Brand Impact Award for the Most Popular Tarot Reader and Healer in New Delhi, India 2021

– She frequently appears in TV Tarot shows and gives predictions.

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