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Revolution in Upskilling Industry by College Dropout.



Have you ever thought of Upskilling yourself or following your passion or hobbies? But didn’t able to pursue because of overpriced certification courses or having financial issues or due to lack of family support?

Mind Flaws Academy is a platform where you can learn your favorite skills or hobbies at the most affordable pricing all over India, Even MFA also provides internship programs to students so they can explore practically and gain experience in their respective fields.

This Academy is founded by Dipesh Ghegadmal & Kiran Patnesha in 2020 while the Covid crisis was going on and most people were losing their jobs and services, Dipesh Ghegadmal was a college student perusing his Graduation degree even he has some developed skills like Photography, Cinematography, Digital marketing and knowledge of marketing and Kiran was also doing her graduation and she has skills like finance management, web development and she also had leadership qualities but they both were students and due to crises their financial conditions were getting weak, they had a vision of sharing their knowledge with people’s but there weren’t many opportunities even at the same time they needed a job to survive which was very difficult with no experience and lack of job opportunities. One day while researching about their hobbies they point out the fact in India there isn’t a platform for students where students can get upskilling courses and certification programs with less pricing even there isn’t any company who are providing internship programs for students at the same time and the idea was formed, after researching and upgrading their ideas for almost 1 year they launched Mind Flaws Academy.

Providing quality knowledge and working opportunities was the most difficult task for founders.

Mind Flaws Academy provides 15+ Skillset certification programs like Photography, Cinematography, Novel Writing, Blogging & Content Writing, Copy Writing, Marketing & Advertising Graphic Designing, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, etc. which is mentored by professionals from all over India after completion of courses Academy also provides internship programs to students so they execute their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Mind Flaws Academy kept the procedure simple for students s they can’t get confused about their career, People’s can simply text them on their Instagram or Facebook page otherwise fill a simple for or they even can call it builds trust towards the brand, after getting details executives to counsel them to choose right career options by evaluating their likes, dislikes and their passion then the course starts on their Application software which is available on Play store, Students have to go through the mock tests, quizzes, projects for understanding the concept better & clear, for doubt solving they can contact their mentor or support executives.

When the certification program completes Mind Flaws Academy contact the student for their internship programs.

In 2021 founders point out 2 more problems which was 100 out of 85 people were suffering from trauma & mental issues, the second problem was in rural areas and villages people weren’t aware of this high-skill knowledge and benefits. So, founders started Mental health programs where if any students or anyone is going through any kind of trauma they can share with professionals or counselors so they can get over through and gain some peace in the right direction. The second program was a Rural educational development program where a team from Mind Flaws Academy visit the village and spread awareness about valuable skills and their benefits.

The vision of Mind Flaws Academy and its founder is simple, to help people find their hobbies & passion and give a platform where they can learn and gain experience at the most affordable pricing.


MFA IG- @mindflawsacademy

Contact – 8291436027/7045577712          


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