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Revolutionizing Education: The Extraordinary Story of Shreya Reddy’s Transformative Leadership at MLRIT Engineering College



Miss Shreya Reddy, the Managing Director of MLRIT Engineering college, has made remarkable changes to the institution, leading to its status as one of the Best Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad and the Top 10 engineering colleges in Hyderabad. Under her leadership, the college has witnessed impressive achievements in areas such as academic excellence, sports infrastructure, and student support.

One of the significant milestones that the college has achieved is its remarkable placement record. The college has produced several graduates who have secured jobs in some of the top companies in the country. This has been made possible through Miss Shreya Reddy’s commitment to academic excellence, which has led to the development of a curriculum that prepares students for the industry’s demands.

The college’s sports infrastructure is another area where Miss Shreya Reddy’s leadership has been remarkable. Her focus on creating world-class sports facilities has led to the development of several outstanding athletes, including the national boxing champion Nikhat Zareen, who is a proud student of the institution. This has put MLRIT Engineering college on the map as one of the best colleges in Hyderabad for sports education as well.

Miss Shreya Reddy’s student-centric approach has been instrumental in fostering a culture of innovation and creativity, where students are encouraged to explore their passions and interests. The college’s commitment to student support has ensured that students are given the necessary resources and opportunities to succeed, which has led to the institution being recognized as one of the Top engineering colleges in Telangana.

Speaking about her vision for the college, Miss Shreya Reddy said, “My goal is to create an environment where every student can achieve their dreams, whether it is in academics, sports, or any other field. I believe that education is not just about getting good grades; it is about developing well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society.”

In conclusion, Miss Shreya Reddy’s leadership and vision have transformed MLRIT Engineering college into one of the best engineering colleges in Hyderabad, with a strong focus on academic excellence, sports infrastructure, and student support. The college’s remarkable achievements in these areas have made it a model institution for others to follow, and its graduates are making significant contributions to the industry and society at large.

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