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Rishabh Nahata – Story of the most Inspiring self made Young Millionaire



At times the circumstances of life pinch us to get up and make everything out. Unless you don’t take odds as a challenge you cannot surprise everyone with a massive change. Behind every successful entrepreneur there is always a story that boosts every aspiring entrepreneur. So is Rishabh Nahata who came out on top and accomplished incredible achievement from nothing to the owner of Nahata Empire consisting of four ventures. Here is the story of Rishabh who jumped all the barriers of life from zero to millions which is indeed jaw dropping.

Rishabh was born and brought up in a middle class business family in Pune. Like every other child he Started walking in the footsteps of his dad, who is his life’s hero. Started playing basketball because of Rishabh’s father and he was also inclined towards basketball since childhood when he was in school. He had won 2 national medals in basketball alongside taking part in district and state championships. Besides being a good basketball player he was bright in academics too. After passing out of high school he got enrolled in a government Polytechnic college in Pune where he had completed his civil engineering. During his college days he got his hands in various small businesses like travel business, shoes and watch business but nothing seemed to work out properly. When he was in the third year of his engineering he began developing his sports complex from scratch and in 2019 only the badminton arena was inaugurated. Gradually it began to work out.

Meanwhile he received a scholarship from Scotland Saltire scholarship and went to the UK to pursue masters in HRM, Marketing and International Business. While he was in the UK in the year 2019 massive flood had  hit the city of Pune on 26th September 2019 and his whole Sports complex was drowned but somehow it was revamped from the savings of his mother by December 2019. Life was going good until one fine day was asked to return back to India as his mom was unwell but fate had something else in store for him when he discovered that his mom was no more. Since that day his entire life has been turned upside down. He kept himself strong and went back to the UK to complete his masters and during that period only he had joined Amazon as a Packaging employee and as he completed his masters he was promoted to a process manager with a lucrative salary.

In Dec 2020 he decided to come back to India with a change in perspective and made use of his innovative skill. He turned his sports complex as a multipurpose business into an events and wedding venue that consists of a big lawn of 22k sq feet and two halls with an accommodation of 300 guests. After analysing the market, he decided to make the best package at a nominal charge which is nowhere available in the whole country. The package that starts with 40k it comes with whole Birthday décor, venue and catering for 100 people and other package that starts with 80k comes with Entire décor for marriage, lunch and dinner for 100 people, and 3 course menu and that’s where he began with his own catering business as Nahata Caterers. The services provided by Nahata caterers are different as they have their own chef along with their professional taster that maintains the excellent taste who just tastes the food before the food is served to the guests.

Rishabh is now ready to launch his Dream venture – Dreams To Fly which is in the memory of his mom.Dreams To Fly is a Study Abroad Consultancy.Dreams To Fly helps prospective students take a self-informed decision while choosing their career path. Dreams To Fly provides a one stop solution for all study abroad needs from counselling to helping students settle abroad. It aims to build the biggest network and community of students worldwide.

Within a year he overcame every odds and sparked his entrepreneurial skill and shone brightest. His every venture is loved by his customers showered with highest ratings and that’s how his commitment to being an entrepreneur began with a change and evolution.

Born and brought up in a humble middle-class family in Pune Rishabh Nahata struggled through uncertain times before reaching massive success. It’s only his grounded nature and focused attitude that kept him going. The inspiring story of Rishabh is the live example that nothing is impossible if you have the right talent and resilience, you can accomplish anything in life!

He signs off saying “There was a time when everything seemed unattainable but when my life got turned upside down, that situation had made me realise that nothing is greater than hard work and smart decisions. Nothing was smooth towards the attainment of my financial success but I could rise up and invented various ways with my creative visions and so here I am as an Entrepreneur Rishabh Nahata”

The following are the ventures built by Rishabh Nahata.

– Nahata Sports Complex , Nahata Events, Nahata Lawns, Nahata Caterers 
And Dreams to Fly –

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