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Rishika Tyagi: Youngest Tedx Keynote Speaker 2022



Rishika Tyagi from Gurugram, Haryana became the youngest Tedx keynote speaker of 2022. She is the youngest kid in the world to recite the maximum number of Sanskrit words in one minute at the age of just seven years, as approved by WORLDWIDE BOOK OF RECORDS AND INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS respectively..she is recently recognized by INTERNATIONAL BOOK OF RECORDS IN MARTIAL ARTS.

Rishika is an elite student of Narayana e-Techno School, Palam Vihar branch of Gurugram.

Previously Rishika also earned a world record and India Record in push-ups and plank pose at the age of 6 years.

8 yrs old Rishika from Gurugram is studying in class 4 in Narayana e-Techno School, and as per her Vice Principal, Ms. Isha – “Rishika is a bright student who is an all rounder and participates in all activities like dance and sports along with studies.”

Rishika has also made a self-designed mobile app named “Rishika’s shape quiz,” which was successfully launched on Playstore.

She also participated in the “Dettol Swatcch Bharat Championship,” where she made an app on “Mental Hygiene” and was rewarded by Dettol India for her contribution to society. She also earned a Code of honour in the silicon valley program and successfully completed the Artificial intelligence program.

Rishika has secured 100% marks in Maths Olympiad.

She has also recorded her name on the “Wall of Fame” on Whitehat Junior as the youngest world record holder in Push-ups.

Rishika is a Gold topper in Abacus. At first, she was quite afraid of Abacus, but then her mom helped her to overcome her fear by just inculcating “focus and discipline.”

Rishika was a national-level champion when she participated in the “Kidex Championship,” which was 30 Social Development activities Rishika managed to get clear the championship and emerged as the winner.

Rishika is the winner of the Miss Inspirational Crazy Kids 2021 contest in the kids’ category.

“My parents are my teachers. With their support, I have been overcoming challenges proving nothing is impossible. I can recite 100 Sanskrit words in 1 minute of mahishasurmardini stotram. I have been interested in Yoga, cycling, painting, and tennis.

As per her mom Vaishali Tyagi -“we always asked her to understand the subject. She always asks questions and we answered her practically and we just teach her that there is no shortcut to success, we should always work hard to achieve our goals”.

” Every Child has a special quality, so if parents pay personal attention towards their kids, every child can create history,and we need to spend quality time with our children to inculcate values in them” says Saransh Tyagi, Rishika’s father.

Her coding teacher Raksha has to say that “Rishika is a child with lots of patience, determination and she has the potential to do wonders. She is an all rounder.”

Rishika is a yellow belt holder in taekwondo and an India record holder in push-ups and plank pose. Her name is also recorded in “HIGH RANGE OF BOOK RECORDS.”

Rishika is also awarded by the international book of records for her Martial arts skills.

She loves to speak and loves to participate in various debates, anchoring, extempore, etc. She has great grasping power and a love for speaking which lead her to participate in Tedx event and made her the youngest Tedx keynote speaker of 2022 .. her soft skill trainer Mr shafi was a guiding light to her who not only helped her in making presentation but also supported her in the preparation stage for tedx. rishika is a stage performer and talented speaker with excellent communication skills …as per her teacher Ms.Gurpreet”i am proud of Rishika..her confidence always amazes me.”

Rishika is inspired by Ms.Sharani Narayana (Director of Narayana Educational group). She keeps getting inspired by her motivational videos. As per Ms. Sharani, “We are proud of rishika for becoming the youngest Tedx speaker” the future, Rishika wants to represent India in different countries

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