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Sumit Singh: Founder of Bizshark Education Media, Digital Marketing Rising Star!



Sumit Singh, the founder of Bizshark education media, is a digital marketing expert who helps clients establish a solid online presence and grow their business through digital channels. Sumit Singh offers a wide range of services, including LinkedIn Branding, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing/Copywriting, Google/Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic/Logo Design, and Website Development/Designing.

Sumit Singh is a 19-year-old digital marketer entrepreneur with 3+ years of experience in providing digital marketing services, website development services, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media marketing, Performance Marketing, and Digital Marketing strategies.

Till now, he has worked with more than 200+ brands globally in multiple industries. He has deep expertise in various sectors such as the Affiliate market, Healthcare, and Education and supports small and large business people to scale up their businesses. He has trained more than 900+ students to choose their careers, out of which many list their names among top entrepreneurs, some have launched their startups, some are working for big companies, and others are blooming as the best freelancers in their respective niches.

What else do we get to know about Sumit Singh?

Sumit Singh’s digital growth demand is at an all-time high right now. He also works as a Celebrity Manager. Sumit has a lot of connections, and he handles a lot of celebrities and musicians from Hollywood, and Bollywood, all over the world. While not getting a degree, Sumit Singh has a lot of experience relative to other students and graduates. That is how one should act. In doing all of this job, he could comfortably contend with someone with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Sumit Singh has amassed a network of 30 million Instagram followers as of now. The total is expected to rise as he plans to open a slew of new social media accounts shortly. Aside from that, he has promoted over 350+ brands on the internet.

Via his exclusive social media material, this multimedia entrepreneur not only entertains but also informs his viewers about current events. We wish this incredibly talented young man the best of luck and hope that he will encourage other young people his age to strive to their full artistic potential.



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