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“Influencer Manas Kumar attends “CATWALK INTERNATIONAL” fashion show in Dubai”



Catwalk International is a premier event organizer of the fashion world in Dubai, which provides a place for emerging brands to showcase the professional, reputable to the right audience and produce real results by organizing various fashion events. Recently they have organized one fashion event from the 15th to the 17th of December at the Dubai Paramount Hotel. Manas Kumar has been invited as a Vip guest to attend the show and get an exclusive insider look at all the hottest trends. 

Who is Manas Kumar?

Manas Kumar, who has become an influencer and a public figure in Dubai today, started his journey as a teacher in the small town of Bhubaneswar in India. Now he has established himself as one of the renowned people in the Fashion Industry.

Manas Kumar is a self-made man who has worked his way up from nothing. He started his career as a teacher and fashion photographer and quickly rose to prominence in the fashion industry as an Influencer. He has his photography studio “Moonlight Photography & Films “ managed by his younger brother in India. Presently he is working in the Ministry of Education as an educator in UAE. His interest in fashion, enables him to be recognized as a strong individual in the fashion industry in Dubai. 

What does he say about this event?

Manas Kumar appeared to be overjoyed after visiting one of the largest and most beautiful fashion runways ever hosted in Dubai. He stated: “It was a wonderful opportunity to see the amazing creative collections of businesses and designers from around the world. Additionally, several segments of the fashion business were present at this event in addition to designers. I’m happy I was able to attend the event because it was fantastic and a big hit. In the upcoming years, I’m excited to participate in CATWALK INTERNATIONAL Fashion events as well.”

What are the next steps for Manas Kumar?

The next steps for Manas Kumar are to continue to build his image and to expand his reach in the fashion industry. He has been invited to various fashion events which is a great opportunity for him to build his network in the industry. He should also take advantage of social media platforms to connect with other influencers and audiences. 

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