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Rocket Boys: Group behind India’s 1st priv. rocket, Vikram-S (80 chars)



Vikram-S, India’s first rocket of its own design, was launched. Two men who dared to dream made it possible for this to happen. Early-thirties-aged Pawan Kumar Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka left ISRO and founded the company that created the suborbital vehicle, Skyroot Aerospace.

Vikram-S, India’s first private rocket, was built by the Rocket Boys team.
Skyroot Aerospace was established in June 2018 by Pawan Kumar Chandana and Naga Bharat Daka. The startup has now contributed to history. Vikram-S, the nation’s first privately produced rocket, was created there.

As India witnesses the launch of its first private rocket, a new era in the country’s space industry begins. An industry long dominated by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the Vikram-S suborbital rocket successfully launched at 11.30 am from Sriharikota, opening the door for the private sector.

Skyroot Aerospace, a four-year-old start-up with headquarters in Hyderabad, developed the rocket. ISRO and IN-SPACe supported the launch (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre).

“Today’s launch of the Skyroot Aerospace rocket Vikram-S from Sriharikota was a historic occasion for India! Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that it was a significant turning point for India’s private space industry.

India didn’t allow for the production of rockets and satellites by private businesses until the year 2020. And Skyroot has made history in just under two years.

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