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Rohit Katam’s Badminton story is in inspiration to the youth



RKBA Academy’s Rohit Katam Badminton story started with very interesting challenges in life so, before we start lets just quickly know few things about him.

Rohit Katam was born and brought up at Pune, Maharashtra. He has finished all schooling at same place and later moved on at Kalyan, Maharashtra. He is very enthusiastic and a good mentor for new kids generations. He has slowly built his career in sports fields from being player to a coach level. His current aim is to reach new generation and raise them up for own goals and achievements in life.

We will know more details about his journey and experience through various questions and feedbacks.

1. Why this field?

Since childhood was passionate about sports but when played in colleges this game was progressive in life. So ultimately with getting more approach for this game, it became a passion.

2. How much places of coaching center you cover?

Till date there are 8centres in his scope which is based Maharshtra, India itself. Bhiwandi- 2, Kalyan- 4, Karjat- 1 and Asangaon- 1 centres in total.

3. Do you have same plans in life?

No plan in badminton was set-up in mind as his interest levels for cricket. Daily practice was done but destiny has some other a so, badminton came in my life and had reached a good height. Now it is bread and butter in life and this has to successful is mission.

4. What is Future scope ?

Players joining at this stage are almost winners of state and national levels. We have played more than 50matches and by faith in life moving ahead a step for international level dreams.

5. Which ambition comes in mind to teach new player?

We aim at starting our new player with simple and efficient way so that to be consistent in game.

6. What is the best age for joining?

Normally 4years is best age to join and get fitness trainings but unfortunately childrens are dedicated after certain age. So, if any new person comes for trials we check how they connect with shuttles and check the grip of racket. This gives us idea about knowledge in this game.

7. What is suitable month not to play this game?

Badminton is a game that is not seasonal but required proper practice sessions to boost spirit. Normally at start of summer season childrens drop out because of annual exams.

8. What are fitness workouts?

Workouts can be of many types just like swimming, gym training, running, stay healthy without injury, physio sessions, massage sessions, gheto, etc

9. How you deal when cheating or mistakes happen in match?

We make them understand importance of game, respect about equipments and make them realise our existence is because of sports itself.

10. How you balance team when match is lost?

Yes winning and losing is a part of life.

Sometimes you lose and Sometimes you win.

More important factor is cope up with loss you have faced. Here we guide, explain and also make them understand about strong points in the game which they have played. This increases moral support of player in team.

11. What is eligibility criteria?

Behaviour, Nature, Mutual behaviour with kids, Young players and senior players handling situations, handling coach sessions are basic criteria.

12. What is Key responsibilities of game?

Teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques. Monitoring and enhancing performance by providing tuition, encouragement and constructive feedbacks. Identify stengths and weakness of player. Advising about health, lifestyle issues as well as developing training programmes.

Thanks for the proper guidance about certain questions and briefing about the game so well. I hope such mentors aim will increase our sports team efficiently and success in life.

– Written by Sabita Dakua

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