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Sachin Kapoor – A man of acuity and sensibility with an entrepreneurial mindset 



The entrepreneurial journey encompasses a wide range of skills, from risk-taking and innovation to creativity, critical thinking, and the capacity to transform ideas into action. However, throughout the entrepreneurial journey required is a clear vision to see a need and provide a solution. In the middle of the year 2020, when the Corona Pandemic took a toll on the sphere of hospitality, Sachin Kapoor, a man of acuity and sensibility with an entrepreneurial mindset, looked for solutions to creative marketing, strong branding, and business management for the F and B and hospitality industry. This triggered him to embark on an entrepreneurial venture at an early age as the brainchild of ‘Fielmente Hospitality Marketing Agency’ with the mission to help the F and B and Hospitality Industry soar higher at the zenith of their Industry. 

Sachin began this journey of continually inventing new tactics to make such organizations viable and successful with a strong background in finance, marketing management, and experience in content development. “Fielmente” has provided faultless and remarkable online marketing services for various businesses through his pure hard work and insight. Sachin enjoys pursuing new paths in creative content production and digital marketing in order to help businesses achieve tangible outcomes. Sachin is a well-known marketer who has worked with a number of well-known brands. He has a great deal of experience in hotel marketing and management. He is a government-certified entrepreneur in India.

Indeed, one idea can change things for the better, and Sachin with a massive amount of energy and zeal to bring about change in the hospitality sector started working for Fielmente. He ensured that he is on the right path and was privy to all important information and regulations that apply. It was important for him to keep his confidence level high. The road toward his entrepreneurial journey was never smooth and straight as initially, he had gone through ups and downs in the business due to a lack of clients. During those days Sachin had to remind himself of his goals and keep in mind that his hard work and confidence in his idea are what will help him to rise. Since then, he made informed decisions, took calculative risks, and soon within a year he was endowed with immense growth and success. Sachin did not give up at any point, no doubt starting an entrepreneurial journey may seem difficult being in the process of learning and implementing. 

There were times when he had observed his ideas getting crashed, his short-term goals unmet and in such times, he believed in himself and didn’t give up. He chose to slow down and worked until 2021 as a dedicated employee with Hyatt Pune & Thrillophilia in the sales and business development department. As a matter of fact, it has its own share of the challenge when a person starts out early in entrepreneurship and this has made Sachin realize the power of self-belief and the right skill set which had made all the difference. 

Sachin completed his high school education through the CBSE Board and went on to LPU to pursue a BSc in Hotel Management. JW Marriott recommended him to one of the greatest restaurants in Pune, Pashan, where he completed a six-month internship. Due to budgetary constraints, Sachin did not have equal access to the option to stay at the Hyatt Regency Cheasapeak Bay Mary property and was persuaded to remain in India. He even worked hard to apply for the Canada Study program but was duped by the consultant and ended up with nothing, so he applied for a job as a Guest Service Officer in the Front Office Department at the Hyatt Regency Pune for ten months before moving on to the ITC Welcomgroup of Hotels.

Indeed, fate had something else in store for him and his entrepreneurial success had eventually brought fame and fortune for him after facing years of hard work, long hours on the path of building Fielmente Hospitality Marketing Agency. He had proved that successful entrepreneurship is about persistence that requires a lot of determination, an ongoing willingness to learn, and the recognition that sacrifices will be needed along the way. Being a founder, it’s Sachin’s constant fire-fighting simply that helped him stay in the game. 

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