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Salim Khan and his amazing initiatives to create a change in the society!



Salim Khan is a young philanthropist who stepped down from his corporate life to fulfill a vision of creating the India of his dreams. The corporate world didn’t approve of his “Sewa Mission.”

He had to give up his corporate life; he was a business head for fortune 500 companies; his mother was a homemaker. They both wanted to give back to society through their means and support. She has raised all three kids alone, with NO support in life. Today all three kids are well stable in life. Salim Khan has witnessed hunger and various other challenges in building his livelihood at a very early age. Salim Khan created a unique platform, a little dream of his – Little India Foundation, which volunteers drive. “One meal a day” 365 days’ free unlimited meals on wheels is a self-funded program, today it has become a caravan where people come forward and joined hands with him in this mission. One could always sponsor a daily meal program by calling them directly or writing to them. They collect only raw materials as donations due to health hazards and hygiene precautions and seek financial assistant to keep the program running. People have come forward and sponsoring the meals by donating. They get food preparation done under their supervision and have the same distributed by volunteers across Delhi NCR region among the needy, 2milion + feeds have been done during covid crises. Under his leadership skill few ongoing projects to keep the foundation flagship. Annual art calendar (For the artist by the artist) helps artists to promote their artworks in the form of an Annual Art calendar, teaching slum kids to express themselves in the form of color and artwork, which in turn helps Little India Foundation raise funds by selling these calendars. They are proud to be associated with the FSSAI food collection programs “Share Food Save Food,” an initiative of the Government of India. Let’s bring a smile to someone’s life by just providing one meal daily. Nari Shakti platform is a unique platform that helps connect women entrepreneurs worldwide, and all foundations encourage them to do one good act in their life by serving the needy today. If you put in your heart, soul, sweat, and money, the universe will bow to you”. 

Salim Khan has the vision to reshape the future of the underprivileged population. 

Little India Foundation arranges sewing machines and fabric for making affordable cotton masks. Teaches these women the basics of stitching. The women were also being paid for their skills and hard work.

Little India Foundation has been doing social work in lockdown as part of PMO response team and supporting many other regions as well for the last many years. Apart from that, Little India Foundation is running a One meal a Day Campaign, focusing on healthy meals for kids. Three hundred sixty-five days meals on wheels. 

The foundation is committed to at least one meal daily for every hungry person. This count goes on to 2 million+ meals until this day as Covid relief work support. And the journey is still getting stronger day by day. Unstoppable Salim Khan has more “TO DO” on his list to accomplish. In the times to come, he is on his way to impacting the entire world. He has left a guiding path for all of us throughout his journey. It is time for Unstoppable Salim Khan from Little India Foundation to achieve new heights and dimensions. Where he is setting up Learn with fun centers for kids., Project chiller where each individual put in hand together as “Ek Sikka Ek Muskan” your 1Rs. Can change someone life today. Do follow, like, share their and help as many we can today. He believes “Hunger has NO religion”  you too can come forward and volunteer with them, they are looking for people across globe to help spread a voice to End Hunger , No one should sleep hungry or Die of Hunger. 



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