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Sanjeev’s Digileap has Come a Long way Just in a Year, Read How



Sanjeev Kumar is a digital marketing geek who is passionate about it and has been doing it for a long time now. Holding an experience of over ten years, he has served diverse sectors with his intellect, making sure that all his clients get the best return on investment. He has worked with 200+ companies to date.

Sanjeev, who is known as Digi Sanjeev in the world of digital marketing, has come on a long journey. A journey that is full of thrill and learning. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he has also been a visiting professor for Digital marketing associated with Monash University, Australia, Great learning and Manipal University, India.

His journey started as a kid. He aimed that he would own a company and run a successful business. He is a firm that one should always learn, learn from experiences, learn from things and learn from mistakes. With all the learnings that he took and experiences, he experienced his own Digital Marketing firm Digileap Marketing Services Private Limited. 

The company was established in the year 2021, January, with the mission to help businesses grow and expand digitally. He has over ten years of experience in this field, making him a professional veteran. With the aim to make sure that every business and individual reach heights, Digileap has been working hard.

The team of professionals at Digileap is highly experienced and enthusiastic. It is always ready to help its clients and guide them throughout their journey so that they are given the platform they deserve. They are boosted; using the suitable methods and techniques, Digileap analyses and observes provide the strategy that suits best for their needs. It does everything for you, be it optimization, testing or spending etc. 

There are various services that are offered by Digileap;

  1. Performance Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Lead Generation (B2B & B2C)
  4. Social Media management
  5. Content marketing
  6. Email Marketing  
  7. Mobile App Marketing
  8. Influencer Marketing

Digileap focuses on turning raw leads into customers, observing what their requirements are and what all they are looking for. Digileap stands out from the rest of the digital marketing companies because of its unique and innovative approach. They are focused on taking new and result-oriented strategies that leap benefits and outcomes.

Today not only do they help start-ups but also aid established and successful businesses in gaining customers. Since its establishment, Digileap has helped its client reach monthly gross sales of 1 million rupees and turn customers into loyal ones. They have over 3 million plus lead generations with over 8.9 million revenue generation. 

He has worked with brands such as Rudraksha Hub, Secure Network Solutions, Qexperiances, Orazo, Healthlancing and 200 other clients in almost all the industry verticals.

Let us have a look at what his clients have to say about Sanjeev and his services;

Aparna Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO of RudrakshaHub, says,

Sanjeev is one of the most dedicated and passionate digital marketers with a great knowledge of marketing strategies. Our company has been working with him for over three months now, and we have seen a skyrocketing change in our performance. As promised by him, he helped us achieve our sales targets for a month within 15 days only. I strongly recommend Sanjeev and His team for end-to-end marketing services because if he could help a start-up gain traction in the most competitive scene, he will be an asset to all forms of businesses.”

Jonathan Steele, Program Coordinator at College Admission Plan, writes,

“Over the past few months of working with Sanjeev and the Digileap team, I have been very impressed with the scope and breadth of knowledge they bring to the digital marketing table. They have helped us to develop a fantastic, fundamentals-based strategy for marketing and expanding our brand in the digital marketplace. Additionally, they are very understanding and willing to teach those of us who need more

guidance when entering this arena. From expertise to pricing, you won’t find a better fit for your brand.”

Sanjeev has seen a lot of things in his life. He believes that Digital Marketing has changed his life. Initially, he was working in the corporate world doing a regular 9 to 5 job, but he wasn’t satisfied there. The day-to-day target stress, long working hours etc., did not allure him. He wanted to do something else that was start something of his own while he was in corporate, he could not give time to digital marketing; hence he decided to leave his job and focus more on building his own brand. 

Digileap enhances and gives a boost to the digital footprints of start-ups and businesses by scaling up their revenue through digital marketing. Sanjeev is focused on helping budding entrepreneurs in India. He says, “There are so many ideas in India that do not get the opportunity to come out because of lack of marketing. I want to bring such ideas to a space where they are seen and acknowledged.”

Currently focusing on the Indian market, Sanjeev plans to expand to the global market soon. He has been helping people abroad as well, but in future, he wishes to do that on a huge scale. 

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