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Sashafé – First Designer Brand for Medical Wear to Pamper the Real-Life Celebrities



An initiative by Farista Sisters driven by Passion for Purpose

For the first time ever, shattering glass ceilings for all ages, staging requirements of the front line workers and real life celebrities – come a brigade of heroines wearing the Cape of Sashafé, a bespoke haven transforming the lives of all crew in the medical realm – One style and One sass at a time! The Farista Sisters have been grinding to make smiles and oral health of a chiliad lives shinier and healthy respectively through their exclusive laser dental practice, a pioneering in India.

Dr. Sana Farista hails from a small town in Chhattisgarh and took to revolutionizing the landscape of dentistry by introducing laser dentistry in India, along with her sister Dr. Shanin Farista.  A celebrated cosmetic and laser surgeon based out of Bandra Mumbai, Dr. Sana has been literally honing smiles for over a decade now with mentoring thousands of dental students, budding dentists & experienced doctors; heading R&D teams globally and catering to the crème da crème of India through sheer hard work, passion and dedication.

Dr. Sana and Dr. Shanin took to donning the scrub for a very important mission. During the Contagious Pandemic time, The Farista Sisters channelled their inner Miranda Priestly after living and being witness to the lives of doctors out of PPE kits round the clock saving lives, landing up brushing a lot of comfort under the carpet. During the pandemic, all the doctors literally spared no second for themselves, neither to look after their own health & requirements nor their comfort and peace. The sisters were testimony to this unsung plight and life of the doctors behind what the world knew.

Many such instances of medical healers not just from COVID times but much before that, empathized the sisters from India to give back the medical tribe with all the comfort that their tireless body deserves, as rightly said – “The wearer knows where the shoe pinches”. They now wanted to fill the lacunae created by uncomfortable, rough harsh-plastic made, ill-fitting & lifeless workwear with the comfortable, super soft, stretchable luxuries styled by Designer that these real-life heroes deserved. 

Sisters wanted to pamper the healing hands with the quintessential and bespoke luxury they earned. Hence, Sashafé – A Luxury for Healing Hands – The First Designer Brand for Health Care Professionals was born. A captivating concept of collection of personalized apparels (scrubs, aprons, doctors’ jacket, lab coat), sneakers, socks, accessories, badges etc all handpicked, handmade to amalgamate the functionality, comfort and the look good factor much needed by the doctors, nurses, paramedics and anyone & everyone associated with the medical fraternity. 

Farista’s made the genuine Designer Wears for Doctors much affordable. Well, they very well earn these luxuries, much unlike the cost of designer wearables made by the filthy rich for the Richie rich.

Sashafé ( provides premium customized comfort for medical warriors which are medically viable, surgical safe and helpful, made with utmost meticulous care during manufacturing and with multiple quality checks at every step rendering personalised touch to each piece. Each meter of fabric or accessory material is handpicked to ensure premium quality, hygiene and standardization. The sisters do the trials on themselves, wear the samples for long working hours, give attention to each details right from fabric, color, designs, thread, fits, accessories before making it available for all. They are inspired and aspire to bring a wave of change in how doctors are perceived as serious, nerdy, banal, mundane – by one and all. Sashafé is a new-age and progressive makeover for doctors.

The collection, operations and processes of Sashafé are inclusive and revolve around making a difference in every sense in each live associated right from sizes to the manager. The apparels are handstitched by necessitous tailors, small detailing on the apparels is finished by economically challenged skilful individuals, artificial cute pocket friendly jewelry is hand casted by poverty-stricken craftsman, sneakers are made by underprivileged shoemakers, socks are weaved by impoverished weavers and previously unemployed and second earners are recruited for packaging and order processing. Even the artisans who were severely stricken by pandemic aftereffects, stressed of losing their work/livelihood were provided with the allowances and the opportunity to learn and enhance their skills, knowledge, capabilities and confidence in every manner. 

Sashafé is an International Brand and currently bags the shoppers from UAE, Egypt and Africa. It holds the vision to contribute to the Indian Economy ambitiously to facilitate international trade and stimulate domestic economic activity by creating more employment, surplus production, and greater revenues.

As the team says, “We want to create a ripple effect of bringing about waves of change. Providing employment opportunities for the ones who actually need it while spoiling the medical healers with luxury, comfort and style that they deserve.” 

Sashafé is boutique! It is exquisite! It is verve; but also serves!

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