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Saubhagya Tripathi: Cybersecurity Revolution with ‘Zero-Day Chronicles



In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, where innovation and intelligence are paramount, one individual stands out as a beacon of protection and expertise. Saubhagya Tripathi, a remarkable cybersecurity consultant, is at the forefront of safeguarding organisations with his extensive experience, specialised skills, and unwavering commitment. His dedication to staying ahead of the curve and his holistic approach to cybersecurity exemplify his mission to make a positive impact in the field. Today, we delve into Saubhagya’s illustrious profile, highlighting his achievements and expertise, while also early awaits the release of his highly anticipated book, “Zero-Day Chronicles.”

With an impressive background as the CTO of Blue9 Technologies, Saubhagya Tripathi’s proficiency in programming languages gives him a distinct advantage in the cybersecurity realm. With six years of extensive experience, Saubhagya specializes in defensive security, possessing an innate understanding of the ever-evolving threat landscape and the necessary skills to protect organizations from sophisticated cyber attacks. 

His ability to analyze risks, develop robust security strategies, and implement effective measures to safeguard sensitive information stems from this wealth of experience. 

One of Saubhagya’s most remarkable achievements lies in mitigating high-stakes cyber threats, and preventing potential data breaches across a logistics company based in Australia. His swift actions have saved the company from reputational damage and protected the financial well-being of countless individuals and businesses associated with them. 

This accomplishment serves as a testament to Saubhagya’s skill set and his capability to deliver effective solutions under immense pressure. Recently, Saubhagya is working on the role to secure ONDC, a groundbreaking e-commerce platform launched by the government. The introduction of ONDC has generated significant attention and is expected to attract substantial user engagement, making it a promising endeavour to explore further. 

Saubhagya Tripathi’s journey began in 2017 when he founded Blue9 Technologies and was focused more towards the software development and IT consultancy, Saubhagya’s vision expanded as he ventured into anti-drone technology for the defense department in 2018. Witnessing the rise in cyberattacks in 2019, Saubhagya recognized the enormous potential in this field and embarked on a path to combat this digital menace. 

Currently, he is developing NARAD, a cutting-edge Intrusion Detection System, which is an alert-driven packet recorder that minimize storage and retrieval latency to rapidly provide context before and after an event.

As the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at IRIBL, Saubhagya continues to leave his mark. Joining IRIBL in April 2023, Saubhagya leverages his expertise to ensure compliance with new government regulations for cybersecurity in India. His role as CISO underscores his leadership capabilities and his dedication to guiding organizations through the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

In addition to his remarkable accomplishments, Saubhagya Tripathi has introduced a digital cybersecurity community with his visionary creation, This platform serves as a digital haven where cybersecurity enthusiasts from around the world exchange knowledge, find answers, and engage in stimulating discussions. Saubhagya’s commitment to sharing and nurturing cybersecurity expertise on a global scale is exemplified through this thriving ecosystem. Although the platform is still growing, it is poised to make a significant impact as more individuals become aware of its potential.

But Saubhagya’s passion extends beyond individual achievements. He actively promotes cybersecurity awareness and knowledge sharing among professionals and the wider community. Recognizing the shortage of cybersecurity professionals globally, Saubhagya emphasizes the importance of building a strong cybersecurity workforce, especially in India, with its vast youth base. His dedication to creating a safer digital environment for businesses and individuals has earned him recognition and appreciation from prestigious institutions like IITs, VIT, NAAC-A,B certified universities, and media outlets such as Silicon India, Zee Business,Dublin Success, etc.

Saubhagya Tripathi’s work in the cybersecurity field showcases his unwavering commitment, specialized skills, and notable achievements. With a deep understanding of defensive security, a successful track record in mitigating high-stakes cyber threats, and a commitment to staying updated with emerging technologies, Saubhagya envisions a secure digital space for everyone.

As we eagerly await the release of “Zero-Day Chronicles,” the revelations from Saubhagya’s enigmatic mind, we anticipate a shift in the way we approach cybersecurity. Saubhagya Tripathi continues to break barriers and pave the way for a safer digital landscape, demonstrating that with innovation, intelligence, and unwavering dedication, he can ignite a cybersecurity revolution.

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