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SCAM ALERT BhashSMS and DigifastSMS Service are a Scam?



Delhi – A series of complaints against BhashSMS and DigiSMS have brought to light concerns over the companies’ service delivery and customer communication. Multiple customers have come forward, alleging that after paying for messaging services, they experienced a complete breakdown in communication, with promised services left undelivered.

One case that has garnered attention involves a customer who reported paying INR 5,900 for services that were never rendered. Despite multiple attempts to reach out to the company’s sales team via SMS and phone calls, the customer was met with silence, leading to a formal request for a full refund and a discontinuation of services.

“This lack of response and acknowledgment is not only disheartening but also highly unprofessional,” stated the affected customer, echoing the sentiments of several others who have faced similar issues. The customer has warned of potential legal action, including filing a complaint with the consumer court and seeking media intervention, if the matter is not resolved promptly.

The situation has prompted a wider discourse on the operational and ethical standards of BhashSMS and DigiSMS, as more users have labeled the companies as fraudulent. Online forums and social media platforms have become hotbeds for discussions, with numerous individuals sharing their grievances and seeking solutions to their unmet service expectations.

As of this report, BhashSMS and DigiSMS have not provided comments on these allegations. The lack of response from the companies has only fueled the frustration and skepticism among their customer base.

Digital service experts emphasize the importance of transparency and prompt communication, especially in sectors heavily reliant on customer trust and satisfaction. The unfolding controversy surrounding BhashSMS and DigiSMS underscores the critical need for robust customer service mechanisms to address and rectify issues promptly.

Customers affected by similar service lapses are encouraged to report their experiences to consumer protection agencies and seek collective action to ensure accountability and potentially prevent future incidents.

The industry watches closely as this situation develops, with the hope that it will lead to improved standards and practices among digital service providers.


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